What a day

What a day.

What a week, really, but this Friday had been particularly chaotic. Idiots calling Nora for no reason other than to call, morons sending her emails for the sake of appearing busy and colleagues as bored as her coming to her office to complain about life, weather and politics.

No end in sight, seventy minutes to the hour and a severe lack of important things to do as the day progressed. Every bit of necessary work had been done by Wednesday, by Thursday Nora had started to dive into infinitely postponable nonsense tasks and now that she could finally leave the company in her wake there was little life left inside of her.

As nice as it was to not have to work in the blazing sun pouring concrete and yelling obscene jokes as soul sucking it was to live a life locked behind a desk, knowing full well the work she did was completely pointless in the end, swept away into irrelevance every other month. She couldn’t even think of something she had done half a year ago that was still used, nor could she really remember what she had done outside of work in the past months.

Something had to change, another day of course but the thought grew stronger with each passing week. Quit her job, sell her stuff, buy a van and go travelling, then realize she had no one to listen to her travel stories when her whole social circle consisted of colleagues.

No, not quite. There was still the nice guy at the kiosk who smiled at her when she bought something, the strange chick with the hip-long hair one floor down whom she talked to on occasion without knowing her name, the guy on the train last week who had looked at her approvingly before quickly moving on to stare out of the window. Yes, for a thirty-one year old living in the city she had a stunningly large social circle, and more importantly she had the best apartment in the whole complex. Sure, it was four flights of stairs with an always broken elevator, but at least she had no family with kids above her – or anyone for that matter.

A balcony where no one could see her while Nora had a perfect line of sight to every other window, balcony and laughable attempts at gardens in the little yard formed by four apartment blocks much like hers with the exception of having only three floors with a rooftop terrace. People said it was lonely at the top, and for once people were right. But lonely was good, just what she needed after a week like that. A beer from the corner store, a cigarette and a book until it got too dark to read outside.

Just as usual the store was crammed despite another woman and her being the only ones inside, plus mister cute smile of course. Every bit of space was packed with bottles, snacks and magazines, probably more bound capital than Nora had in her bank account. More responsibilities than she had as well, but then luckily things worked out in her favour for once. The beer in her hand was as cold as life itself, about as dark and bitter as well.

Only one more hurdle now, those fucking stairs. More than enough for her body to handle already, but that was nothing against the strain they put on her patience. With twenty more to go she already considered sitting down just there and then and to go on strike, but somehow she managed the rest as well. Unreasonably irritated, but she had made it and an hour on the balcony could solve many a problem.

The weekend already felt too short even though it had hardly started, but Nora pushed that thought back to take in the sheer beauty of dirty concrete, an overcast sky and once-shiny metal her eyes passed. The comfiness of the folding camping chair however truly excelled everything Nora saw standing on the other balconies, something about hard wood and sqare lines unwilling to adapt to seat bones had always looked a little unappealing to her. The second one served much better to keep her feet up than it did for seating the guests she rarely invited, her whole body comforted by chairs that were too expensive for camping and too cheap to use as regular furniture. They were perfect.

This chair though, it was extraordinarily comfy and Nora took great comfort in knowing she owned something outclassing everything within sight, probably as much as the guy two floors down enjoyed his eighty-thousand bucks car that got from one red light to the next a second quicker.

The clinging sound of the bottle cap hitting the concrete floor announced the arrival of the weekend just like the sound of her trusted alarm clock would announce the start of the next work week in a mere two days. A second later the first sip ran down her throat, a bitter taste that told half-finished stories of stormy nights by the coast, sleeping on backseats and waking up in yesterday’s clothes. Or maybe that was just her connecting the taste to days of the past, when she had still been adventurous and her few belongings had made her happier than the many she owned now.

Looking out into the yard Nora asked herself just why she kept working for some hard to grasp reason when really she had everything she needed to go back to those days, plenty of walking-around money as well if she sold even half her stuff. A storage locker somewhere for the rest and a life on the road, here today and there tomorrow. A girl could dream, right?

The book in her hand felt heavy, as if her mind was saying no to taking in any more information, even if it was a light-hearted detective novel she had been looking forward to read the whole week. But she already knew that feeling, for how much she had read back in the day it was alarming how little she could concentrate on books lately. A pity to see a favourite hobby float away, trickling through her fingers whenever she tried to hold on to it.

After ten pages of struggle Nora finally found it enjoyable again to tag along for the investigation, started to remember the hardships they had braved together and how much she hated the incompetent captain who was either stupid, corrupt or both. Likely both, as they tended to be. Reminded her a little of her own boss, with the exception that there was little wiggle room for corruption in his position other than fucking the intern after having her drive his company car to the car wash. Pitiful soul, doing his best to feel powerful when really he was but another cog in the machine.

Before Nora really knew what happened the late summer heat had faded along with daylight, the killer was several steps closer to his well-deserved prison cell and her beer was so close to empty taking another sip felt like saying goodbye to a trusted friend. She would know, with all those former friends floating through their own lives now, mere hours of drive away but a world apart at the same time. Bound by responsibilities, spouses and cars and houses that had to be paid off because all three had to be two steps ahead of what they could really afford, golfing instead of hanging out by the lake in rusting cars and always trying to find an angle to move ahead. It wasn’t just lonely at the top, but also if one still hoped to find good, honest people after turning thirty.

Unwilling to go inside just yet Nora put the book aside, turning the chair around to engage in some people watching. The lights were on everywhere and from her position she could catch glimpses into so many lives without being seen herself. One thing Nora would never understand was how people could live without drawing the curtains shut the moment they came home, but then most people were probably not as paranoid as her. Thinking about it it was quite funny how much she felt watched even up here where no one could, but it was a feeling that was hard to shake off.

Little miss student in her third floor apartment seemingly did not share that struggle, her pale body protected by just a pair of shorts as she prepared some kind of meal following a recipe that apparently consisted of mixing the contents of several boxes together. That was a pretty decent set of tits she had there, firm and yet big enough to bulge the undoubtedly tight fitting tops she wore when she wore anything at all.

A window further down and to the right a housewife prepared a more elaborate meal being considerably more dressed and plucking herbs from the pots on her windowsill before disappearing out of sight again. One floor further down the angle got too steep to see more than the occasional feet and legs walking past windows, but third and and second floor had lots of activity to occupy her mind. It turned into a sort of game trying to keep up with them all, her mind focusing on a set of four apartments that seemed the most interesting. Student chick was always good for a glimpse into a life she had outgrown not long ago while making better use of that careless time than Nora ever had. Housewife and her husband were popping in and out of view doing grown up shit, they had already ironed clothes together and were now cuddling on the couch watching some kind of series judging by the flickering blue lights.

Straight across from Nora a guy did push-ups in sets of ten, then the next time she looked he did a whole fourteen before sinking down apparently unable to move for a minute. More than Nora would have managed if she was fair, but it was still funny to watch him sprawled over the floor like spilled pudding before he managed to get up.

And then there was third-floor-straight-across where Ellie seemingly had a date night. She was the only one in the whole complex Nora knew by name, unimposing if you walked past her on the street but fun to talk to the few times they had run into each other. A worn jeans and shirt kind of girl, hair somewhere in between long and short and a face that was attractive without being cute. Good on her that she apparently had found a guy who appreciated that mix, he smiled and drank wine and they looked only a bit awkward together. Second or third date maybe, enough to invite him home but not enough to await him naked and horny. Well, maybe horny, she sure seemed a little nervous-smile-and-needy from what Nora could see. Or maybe that was just happening in her fantasy, after all they were far enough out to mistake things. Nora was surprised herself how genuinely happy it made her to see them sitting at the little fold-down kitchen table cracking jokes or whatever made them smile and laugh as they did. As far as her neighbors went Ellie was about the only one she did not passively hate and it was good to see that at least one of them kept up a healthy social life. The kitchen was in Nora’s full view, as was the bedroom one window to the right and Nora low-key wondered if she would get front-row tickets to a show tonight. Chances were about fifty-fifty if mister office-drone-in-a-suit did not mess things up too bad.

For a while she followed their silent talking trying to catch the gist of the conversation, but then she forced herself to switch back to the others. Housewive had apparently fallen asleep on his shoulder and he kept watching the show, student had moved on to a part of her flat Nora couldn’t see and pushup guy had recovered and could now be seen devouring a bowl of something really boring judging by his indifferent expression. Probably something with lots of proteins for his bodily fitness while sacrificing his mental one.

No, not much going on there, Ellie and her guy were definitely the most interesting here. With a smile Nora noticed that the distance between them had noticeably decreased since the last time, their faces a couple inches nearer and the smiles a little more awkward. She sure took her time making up her mind, but it was strangely fascinating to watch and Nora couldn’t quite stop. Somewhere in the back of her mind a voice told her she was messed up, but then a more reasonable voice told her she was a grown up now who could do what she wanted – if no one caught her. And so since no one could possibly see her up there Nora stayed put, as anxious to find out where the night would lead Ellie and her guy as they probably were.

It was like watching a soap opera, profiting off the awkward situations that made life so interesting without having to take the risk herself, as much as she craved some adventure of her own as much did she need the safety of home after a long week at work.

And suddenly Ellie had apparently made up her mind, the five seconds Nora had looked out into the night sky had sufficed to bridge the gap, get their arms intertwined and their lips touching each other’s. Those little kitchen chairs couldn’t be comfortable for two, but somehow Nora assumed he did not complain about the additional weight. Kissing was always weird to watch, weirdly hot in this case but weird nonetheless. Seemed a little out of place even though Nora knew how good it would feel in the spur of the moment, the touch of another human and the close proximity she normally avoided like the plague.

In fact she now finally got a little envious, just enough to get in that sweet spot between cranky and horny she had not felt in a long time, not since last Friday when she had barely made it home after the smeared makeup on the intern‘s face had made it plain obvious their boss had had his fun with her again and for some reason Nora couldn’t shake the mental image all day. It had been one hell of a ride home, everyone who had so much as glanced at her had looked sexy and she had only survived knowing there was a sleek pink vibrator waiting for her at home. That was a – the only – friend Nora could always count on, as long as she kept a stock of spare batteries but then those were easier to buy than loyalty.

She would not need him today though, nor did she want to miss even a second of the show going in and digging it out of her drawer. Her fingers would have to do, and experience told Nora that they would do just fine. They were much better at opening belt buckles and flicking buttons open anyway, no need to switch tools in between. With noticeable delight Nora noticed that Ellie was about as impatient now as she had taken her time earlier, and that none of them gave a passing thought to the curtains as they moved into the bedroom. Ellie sure was needy, robbing herself of the pleasure of getting undressed as she hurried her way out of shirt and jeans, rolling back onto the bed as she allowed him to at least get her out of her underwear. He happily obliged, with careful movements that made Nora fear he wasn’t up for the job of roughing her up a little as she seemed to need.

Or Nora for that matter, when her fingers finally trailed down to her lips they found them anything but dry.

As soon as he got out of his own clothes it became obvious he did not lack in the dick department. Not exactly huge either, but certainly bigger than some Nora had had herself and even those had done a fair job of getting her worked up. As he kissed Ellie’s belly Nora let two fingers glide into herself, momentarily distracted from the action by her eyes shutting themselves in a moment of relief. A long week was coming to an end, and soon the weekend would come together with Nora. Her pants landed on the concrete floor beneath her

Mentally she swore an oath not to come first between the three of them, a race against herself more than it was against them. Nora could already feel she was likely to lose that battle, too eager was her body and to erratic her finger movements. It had been like three teasing touches and two light-hearted thrusts and she already felt like giving up and giving in to herself. Really, who was she fighting? Maybe she could even come quickly once, then keep going? No, she would be strong, keep going as long as it took, even if it meant taking breaks in between. Another little thrust managed to bring her back into reality, allowed her to lean around and watch the action below and that gave her some room to breath again. They had moved a little further up the bed, their faces out of sight but Nora could very well imagine how they looked.

Hungry most likely, a feeling Nora couldn’t deny herself. Her eyes followed his ass cheeks that were pushing up and down, followed the surprisingly strong shoulders the suit had managed to hide well until the window frame blocked her sight and it was back to watching a bony bouncing ass and Ellie’s feet that twitched around in funny ways.

Nora’s feet weren’t possible to keep still anymore either as her legs tried to divert the tension of her touches with shivers and twitches, a good sign she would better stop before it was too late, but then it felt too good to have her fingers glide into her pussy, feel her thumb rub over her skin and the occasional breath of wind sending shivers across her sensitive body.

She was close, she knew that and yet it seemed impossible to stop now. No, deeper, more forceful thrusts were what she needed and nothing else. She obliged, her breath now so infrequent that every gasp of fresh air surprised her and her eyes watched the sky more than anything else. There were two stars that seemed to have the whole sky for themselves, all the rest blurred out by the city’s light pollution. Close together and yet far apart, just like her breaths and clear thoughts.

With a deep sigh Nora forced herself to stop – twice before her fingers followed the command. She was angry at herself for stopping as much as it amazed her that she had pulled it off – quite literally – and as her breath slowed down a little her fingers automatically searched for something else to touch. They found the cold metal railing next to her first, then the near-empty bottle, her heart making a little jump at the more than welcome distraction. A final sip, just what she needed to cool down. Not that it was all that cold anymore, her body was just a lot more heated up.

As breath and heartbeat slowed down Nora shot another glance over to Ellie, unsurprised that they apparently had more energy to burn and were still going at it. Now she could see them again though, with Ellie on top of him and his bouncing bony butt replaced by her slightly jiggling breasts. She had fire in her movement, even without seeing the undoubtedly dangerously hungry eyes Nora could tell that Ellie was working hard. Good girl, why ride at all if you don’t ride hard?

It couldn’t take them long now, maybe it was time to start catching up again, that little unfair advantage should have given her the little edge she needed to hang with the tough crowd. Her body had calmed down enough to make starting again seem like a chore, but that lasted exactly one minute before it felt good again, and in fact so much better because she felt in control now. She was one with her body, bringing it somewhat close to the edge without struggling to balance it out, she could have kept on like this for hours. Only she did not have to, Ellie went stiff and limp in rapid succession, folding down in his arms unable to resist as he turned her around for a final few thrusts.

Nora watched as he pulled out, pulled the condom off his dick and jerked off over her breasts before she had a chance to complain – if she even wanted to. It was clear she was quite thoroughly fucked and happy about it, a stupid smile on her face and her eyes closed as she floated along like a twig down the river.

Now that she had won the race Nora lifted her gaze from the window and closed her own eyes, intensifying her efforts twofold with fingers that did all they could, twisting and spreading, pressing the knuckles outward to rub with more pressure. It wasn’t long before she felt he shivers get stronger again, hard to handle and really she couldn’t wait to come now. It was funny how much her usual lack of patience became a huge problem whenever she wasn’t in a hurry. Five minutes of waiting for the train became an hour, as did the last minute or two it took before her body collapsed under the weight of her fingers, pressing all air out of her lungs in an angry sigh of disbelief.

Yes, it had all really happened like she had thought, she was really naked on her balcony fingering herself to the sight of her neighbors fucking and for a short sweet moment of post-orgasmic depression Nora asked herself what she was doing with her life. But then quickly enough the smirk returned to her face and things looked much better again. That had been a fun adventure, even though she knew she wasn’t going to stay outside a minute longer now.


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