There had always been times when X had been naughty all day, too much for her own good. She had been unable to keep her fingers still and out of her pants, from masturbating in bed over barely making it to the shower before she masturbated again to staying horny and naughty throughout the whole workday, stealing frequent bathroom breaks from her employer to take care of herself.

Those days had been infrequent, welcome but embarrassing exceptions to her focused and disciplined lifestyle.
Since the collapse they had turned into a much more frequent occurrence, hitting her as much as every other day. Good thing other people had become as rare as annoying meetings and bosses appearing unannounced to talk at length about something she neither understood nor cared about.

No policeman would stop to arrest her for public indecency if she failed to restrain herself while crossing the street, and no one complained if she tested the grocery store’s hairbrushes there and then.

And not a single person in the old factory they had taken over would mind if she walked up to them and started the conversation with ‘I need to fuck, you in?’

That was precisely her plan for once she returned, but she already struggled to keep her hands away from herself and she was still at least half an hour away. The old subway tunnel she moved through being so thoroughly deserted and void of any danger didn’t help her keep her cool either.

Well, so be it. With a sigh she let down her backpack and sat down in the middle of the rails that had once seen a train come and go every five minutes. The thrill of danger was all that had remained of that time, despite better knowledge it felt like pure adventure and walking on the edge of death to sit down there.

X’s hand fumbled on her belt before she had fully descended, and unbuttoned her jeans right after. The wooden plank pressed into her butt at a weird angle and she shifted her weight around, her hand diving into the small space between her body and clothes. There was no time to pull them down, and no time to start slow either.

Her fingers were inside of her before she really knew it, the coarse skin on them providing just the amount of friction she needed. Her right angled flashlight on the shoulder strap of her backpack illuminated the tunnel in front of her, but she herself was engulfed in silence and darkness, and apparently a wall of fire if her body was to be believed.

It could have been minutes or seconds before she felt the fire intensifying, but time had lost its value for now. Her mind raced between the rushes of the past, from being thoroughly fucked by the love of her life to her fingers getting hold of a gun to defend her life and finding the supplies the group needed so desperately.

Her mind snapped back into reality just a second before the waves of a strong orgasm hit her, both expected and out of nowhere. The darkness seemed to light up and for just the briefest of moments she looked at life and understood all of it. Then darkness returned and X was thankful for it because she felt naked and vulnerable and longed for the protection of a warm hoodie around her shoulders.

It was indeed cold down in the tunnel, contrasting with the heat a few feet up that had made her leave said hoodie at home in favor of just a black top. Before she could freeze to death X got up, rebuttoned her pants and closed the belt before she grabbed her backpack and rifle to continue on her way.

She smiled and shook her head, as usual she had a short time of having a clear head and looking at herself with playful disgust for being so weak all the time. She knew that wouldn’t last long and within the hour sticking fingers into her wet pussy would sound like a really good idea again.

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