With the large vault door closing behind Jacob the same eerie silence he had grown up with returned to his life, the mix of boredom and safety that had once been all he’d known. Now it felt strange, a phase of his life he had grown out of, left behind even though his thoughts never quite left.

He had lived through more than just one lifetime in the past years, ended the lifetimes of others and helped those in need. It had made him rich and a legend, he owned houses in Megaton, Rivet City and the Tenpenny tower. The sherrif’s hat was now his and the Brotherhood Knights greeted him with respect when their paths crossed. There were women aplenty, but none who could live up to the one he had left behind.

Amata was always somewhere in the back of his mind, the cute face and the years of friendship they had shared rivaling with the sadness of not having her with him. She should have, but then he kind of understood that his world wasn’t hers and that her fate was running the good ol‘ one-oh-one.

And now he was back again, ever since his first return a few months back he felt himself drawn not to the safety of the vault – plenty of safety out in the wastelands now – but to the face that had visibly grown older but still had the same faint smile crossing over it when she got lost in thought and nostalgia.

He had the perfect recipe for nostalgia in his backpack, right next to the three sets of spare power armor he had stashed a bottle of aged whiskey and two bottles of Nuka, the rarest of the rare and certainly not a gift to share lightly – or with anyone but the closest friends.

He made his way through the Overseer’s tunnel so that no one would see him, entering Amata’s office through the hidden door he had once taken to freedom. She was already expecting him, her cute smile and warm hug the most sincere welcome he had been given in ages. Out in the wastelands everyone kept to themselves and their paranoia, but there was nothing standing between Amata and him. Well, maybe her boobs, those were quite noticeably pressed against him, but he hardly found that a reason for complaint.

„Jacob, so glad you could make it.“

„As if I’d miss it for anything. Here, look what I brought.“ Opening his backpack he pulled out the bottles, the dim blue glow illuminating the dark office and their faces ever so slightly.

„Holy shit, are those…? Must have taken you a lot to find them.“

Jacob smiled and nodded.

„Not just any either. They are from the Capitol and the Lincoln Memorial, only the best for you.“

„You are crazy, you must tell me more about those trips. But let me fetch us some glasses first.“

With that she was gone and Jacob sat down on the newly erected couch that gave the place a much homier feel than the cold office atmosphere her father had preferred. He unpacked a little bit of the food he had brought along and waited for her return.

As soon as Amata hat sat down next to him they opened the bottles, the distinct smell of fruits filling the room and their glasses. Before the sound of their glasses clinging together had chance to disappear Jacob leaned back, closed his eyes and enjoyed the moment of silence as the cold liquid ran over their tongues, leaving a chaos of conflicting tastes in its wake. When he opened them again the taste was gone and the world looked a little different, a little less grim.

„So, how are you holding up in here?“ It was just a couple years since they had both overthrown the Overseer – her father – and she had taken on the role herself. For the better, that much was sure.

Amata shrugged. „So-so. I’m starting to see why my father went crazy over his task, there’s so much to keep track of, everyone has an opinion even when I don’t ask. There’s probably three or four mild apocalypses happening right now while we sit here.“

Jacob put an arm around her, pulling her closer and she rested her head on his shoulder with a long sigh. „I admire what you turned the vault into, it’s like a whole different place than it used to be.“

„Thank you, I just hope all the others see it the same way.“

„I bet they do. So, how’s everyone?“

„Same old really, everyone’s still kind of adapting. Oh, wait, Butch and Susie left the vault, for good it seems.“

„For real? Like what, together?“

„Nah, not like that. Or maybe, who can really say. But no, left on separate days and for what I know they are headed in separate directions. They can fuck off if you ask me, fucking leaving when things get better.“

„Yeah, fuck them.“

„Apart from that most is non-news. How’s life on the outside?“

„Ah you know, okayish but still missing you. You really need to come over to my house in Megaton as soon as your duties let you, I can’t wait to show you around.“

She snuggled closer against him and he could feel her smile even though he couldn’t see it. „Mh, I will.“


„Promise. As soon as I can you can take me to your scrap home and show me how you wastelanders live.“

„I even got my fridge working in case a spoiled vault brat comes over to visit.“


Jacob chuckled and took another sip of Nuka Whiskey, the contrast of energizing cola and numbing alcohol as beautifully blended as they themselves were. He put his glass down on the table and Amata followed his lead. Then suddenly he wondered if he had blacked out for an hour because he could recall what had happened that had led to Amata sitting on top of him and her lips nearing his.

He pulled her in as close as he could, the teasing kiss he had expected turning into the hungriest kiss he had experienced in ages. Ever probably, there was little that could compare to this kiss he had waited for so long and that had happened in his mind a million times.

When Amata’s lips left his they looked at each other, both falling into a giggle that explained their feelings better than any words could  have. Jacob wanted to kiss her again, but she put a finger on his lips.

„I’m not stealing you from any wasteland whore, am I?“

Jacob’s mind went through a couple wrong answers to that question, ultimately coming to the conclusion that they were all women of the past now as he shook his head.

„You are a bad liar, but I’m just teasing. We both have our worlds, I’m glad they overlap.“

He wondered where that had come from, but then all thoughts were wiped from his mind when she kissed him again. He found himself in a weird state where he couldn’t wait to undress her and at the same time couldn’t stop kissing her.

His hands had their own mind, running over her back and butt cheeks before they went to the front and fumbled with her suit’s zipper, drawing it down with the most satisfying sound his ears had ever heard.

„You can say what you want about Vault Tech, but they make incredibly sexy suits.“

„I can’t wait to hear what you say about the woman inside that suit.“

Jacob grabbed one of her breasts, coming to the conclusion that it might just be the second best thing after the feel of his trusted revolver when he needed it.

„Giving detailed reviews isn’t on my mind right now if I’m honest.“

Amata pushed him back into the couch and shook her head to get her hair out of the way, her hips grinding against his rock hard dick. „Show me what you have in mind.“

That was all the incentive Jacob needed and he wrangled the suit from her shoulders, pushing her down to the couch to undress her fully. He hadn’t been aware that there was even a chance for Amata to look any sexier, but seeing her naked body taught him otherwise.

It took twice as long for him to get out of his clothes, wasteland fashion just couldn’t keep up with vault tech in terms of efficiency. He was on top of her not a second too soon, his lips moving over her neck and breasts, his fingers pushing waves of goosebumps over her belly.

Part of him wanted to go slow, enjoy the moment to the fullest degree and spend time exploring her body, but the other part of him was already inside her, only slow until he had fully entered her once. Her eyes told him she wasn’t patient either, alternating between hungry and cross-eyed staring into the void with each thrust.

Jacob’s body was far ahead of his mind that still couldn’t believe it was actually happening, his hard dick pushing her up on the couch with each thrust of his hips, unwilling and unable to stop of even slow down even if their lives depended on it.

Amata’s hands gripped his neck and pulled  him in for another kiss cut short by moans and forced exhales whenever he surprised her with a change of pace.

The words she uttered weren’t part of the Amata he knew, but of one he didn’t mind getting to know better. Incoherent and slurry, part begging part demanding, adding up to nothing short of slutty.

He could feel she was about to come, her legs started to stiffen around him and her movements were infrequent, desperately trying to hold on to him and he knew he was only moments away from coming himself. He desperately tried to control himself, just long enough to give her those final thrusts she needed but it was an uphill battle with her wet, tight pussy all but sure to win. His hand slipped on the couch and he almost lost his balance for a second, the surprise finally pushing all air out of Amatas lungs as she came with a surprised squeal, her fingers painfully digging into his back.

Seeing her cum was all he needed, every nerve in his body exploding like his dick and filling her with his cum, still slowly thrusting in and out of her when his mind became clear and his dick soft again.

Exhausted he wanted to let go of her, sit down and calm down for a second but Amata wouldn’t let him.

„Don’t, hold me a little longer. I need more of this, more of you. In fact I’m not sure if I can let you leave at all, certainly not tonight.“


I hope you liked this, there’s a second chapter if you did 🙂