Through her binoculars X could see the change of guards at the small building that guarded the barricade, the final obstacle between the dead city behind her and the rebel camp in the woods where her supplies were desperately needed.

The city was full of weapons, food and medical stuff, and anyone who could get them to the rebels was sure to be a respected member, just as much or even more so than the fighters in their ranks.

Maybe they would reconsider their opinion about X if they knew how exactly she managed to get in and out of the city. Every smuggler had their own routes, but no one shared them because at the end of the day there was no telling who was trustworthy enough to keep their mouth shut about the little hole in the wall.
And even if there were people she could trust X knew she was much better off keeping it a secret that her way through the walls led directly through a military outpost and being at the mercy of a single guard who appreciated a chance to get inside her pants enough to let her through.

It wasn’t all that bad, in fact it seemed they had both come to terms with something neither of them could admit to in their respective worlds. He wasn’t a bad match either, strong and muscular but not overly so, with a personality that made her indeed like him.
Maybe they would have even ended up together under normal circumstances, but this way X enjoyed the benefits of a no-strings-attached relationship and a more practical advantage of getting supplies to people who needed them.

And there was no denying the fact that she craved the bodily attention after four days of scavenging through the empty streets, as much as she needed to see another human being who wasn’t out to shoot her the moment they met.

She packed up her gear, stashed the binoculars into the top compartment of her backpack and slowly made her way down to the street. Sticking to a wall as she had been taught she surveyed her surroundings as she made her way forward, even though it was unlikely she would see any trouble so close to a military barricade.
Better safe than sorry, wouldn’t it be a pity to get shot by another soldier when she was so close to safety?

Nothing went wrong though and X safely reached the small door, her knock echoing through the steel. She saw eyes appear behind the small window in the door and was almost sure she saw them light up a bit at her sight.

The door came open and X made her way in, entering the dimly lit guard room she had grown used to over the past months.

It took her a second until her eyes had adapted enough to see the second man in the room, and less than another second to realize she was thoroughly fucked without even having been touched yet.

„What the fuck, Y? Who’s he?“

Y shrugged his shoulders. „I’m sorry, but you don’t have to worry. It’s just a change of guard here, because I’m leaving this post. I thought you’d appreciate that I’m keeping the door open for you.“

Y was confused, part of her really wanted to hit Y, but the other knew he was actually doing her a favor.

„Fuck you, I appreciate your thoughtfulness. Again, what the fuck, you could have told me.“

„I didn’t know when we last met, only came in this morning.“

Y couldn’t help but smile. What a fucked up situation, and just another episode in the book of ’stories not to tell at home‘.

„Damn it. So, are you going to introduce us?“ There, if she had been able to somehow tell herself she was not a slut that was now over. She was given to someone else and she knew she would do it, there was no denying that counted as slutty.

The man stepped a bit closer and she smiled when he extended his hand to shake hers.

„Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Steven, and uh, are you seriously okay with this?“

She shook his hand, in a weird way she started to like him. He wasn’t the bossy kind or even arrogant, yet another example of why this civil war was fucked up. People were people, both here and there.

„X, nice to meet you. I hate to say it because it doesn’t fit my rebel slut image, but I’m actually going to miss Y a little.“

„So will I, one of the few guys here that isn’t high on drugs and violence all day long.“

„Maybe you two can make each other miss me a little less and keep our little arrangement going.“

X looked from one to the other, then nodded slightly. „I think we can make it work. So, while I get out of these clothes you can tell me where you are going.“

With that she started putting her backpack down and then peeled out of jacket, top and her pants before she stood naked in front of them. It was obvious neither of them could really keep their eyes from her, and against better judgement she liked that.

„Holy shit, you didn’t promise to much.“

„I know, right?“

„So, are you two going to stare at me all day or is there a chance I finally get the proper dicking I’ve been thinking about the past four days?“

Steven laughed, but only when X lay down on the small bed he finally snapped out of gawking and fumbled his belt open. Wwhile he walked over Y sat down on a chair, his arms on the backrest and looked at them. X focused on Steven who was now full undressed and was strapping a condom on his dick before walking over to the bed. The moment he moved on top of her she all but forgot about Y’s existence.

Steven showed no sign of patience and X was thankful for that, she hand’t dreamed about finesse and being fucked slowly the past days. A second later she felt the tip of his dick looking for entrance, then a split second later she had all of him inside her.

A faint thought crossed her mind, that she wasn’t sure if she was just unusually desperate or if she had indeed just upgraded from status quo to status wow. Then her mind was wiped clean again with the next thrust, reducing her world to the hairy chest in front of her and the desire to take him in as deep as humanly possible.

He did a great job of that, making her feel filled up to the point where she wondered if she could take more and leaving a gaping void inside her each time he pulled back. She slung her arms around his back and pulled him in closer, eager to have him kiss her while he pounded her pussy.

Their lips met and only then X started to feel weird about Y’s presence, wondering how he might feel watching her get fucked and kissed, but again the thought was gone as quickly as it had come.

His dick inside her was starting to twitch every now and then, the slick surface of the condom failing to deliver the friction to make her come yet. She closed her legs around him, restricting his freedom of movent ever so slightly and forcing him to push deep into her with each thrust. Soon she noticed the effect, before the sensation of the prior thrust had a chance to extend over her whole body the next one already came, each breath was cut short while she tried to keep up.

Then all of a sudden she came as unexpected as she came hard, her eyes growing wide while waves of pleasure and pain rippled through her body and forcing all the tension out of her muscles.

She went limp and felt like a bag full of water, suddenly turned around and emptied over the bed. Steven was still moving inside her, but as she opened her eyes she could see he was just inches away from coming himself. Not that she cared much, her horizon was starting to expand well beyond the walls of the small room, making the dick inside her just the tiniest of concerns in a world full of concerns.

As soon as her mind was back inside the room she felt Steven’s dick twitch and struggle inside of her before a deep groan escaped his lips and he stopped moving, taking a long hard look at her before he pulled out and they disconnected from another.

Her first reaction was to look over where Y was sitting, sending him a confused and slightly ashamed smile without knowing what to say.

He smiled back. „That was strangely hot to watch.“

At a whim she waved him over. „Come on, you need to give me a goodbye-fuck. And you still haven’t told me where you are going.“

He smiled again and shook his head. „That’s because if you want I’m coming with you.“


„For real, my time here is over. They told me to report for one of the units at the frontline, but how could I kill your guys after what we’ve been through?“

X wanted to slap herself for the jump her heart had make thinking of not losing Y, and cocking her head she sat there, still naked and trying to think.

„Wouldn’t be easy at first, I can’t just come and say ‚hey, the secret passage you all think I have? This is him.'“

They all three shared a short refreshing laughter.

„I was thinking of ‚this is a guy I’ve been scavenging with occasionally‘, no need for them to know I was with the military.“

„That… Could work. Okay, then let’s go, if you don’t want to fuck me there is no need to hang around.“

„I… Think there might still be some time.“

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