Part 1


„Okay, now you two should really get going.“

X looked around the room, her body unwilling to move after the second really good fuck in less than an hour. Lacking another condom Y had fucked her without one, and she could feel the result dripping down her belly.

Pulling herself together she nodded and got up from the bed to quickly get dressed, enjoying the feeling of the sticky cum soaking her top as she pulled it over her skin. She rubbed over her belly and felt as dirty as she was, thoroughly enjoying it.

Her pussy was aching at the touch of the soft fabric of her underwear, signalling it had more than enough for a while.

As soon as she was dressed she looked around to see Y and Steven looking at her, both dressed in the military uniform she was more used to seeing in her sights than on the men she just fucked.

„I hope you have some civilian clothing with you.“

„As soon as we get out of the area. We won’t leave with empty hands either, I have stashed quite a few supplies about a mile out from here. Good stuff, I bet your guys will like that.“

X nodded, then turned to Y. „And you?“

„I’ll give you a headstart of two hours before I notice Y has ’suddenly‘ gone missing. Don’t mind me, as long as they let me keep this post I can always let you through. It’s going to cost you, though.“

„And I can just imagine how much.“

They all smiled and both X and Y shook hands with Steven, then left through the door at the back after making sure the short stretch they had to cover was empty.

Time had progressed to the twilight hours when no one was fully awake, not even the most fearsome guards, let alone the kind this small guardpost had available. They saw two standing by a fire in the distance, then they were free.

Y led the way until they reached a small creek, then got a large Pelican case out from under a blackberry bush. X had always loved the look and feel of these cases, the quality of craftsmanship as well as all the good stuff that was usually stored inside. This one was larger than any she had seen though, definitely something to carry with two people.

„Take a peak?“, she asked, excited to find out just what treasure this one might house.

„But really quick, we aren’t out of the woods yet.“

They snapped it open and lifted the lid, letting Y’s eyes grow wide as she looked at a variety of military hardware of the finest kind. There were three rifles, at least five pistols and heaps of ammunition, but also some radios