Many women thought of sex as a commodity, a currency to pay in exchange for their husbands‘ favors that they held the power of. But as all power that way of thought can corrupt and too many fell prey to thinking they were in control.

That was what Nelly’s success built upon, she could never fall into that trap because she had understood that no man was ever more than a temporary asset. It was a harsh truth to know she had robbed herself of the chance to ever truly love someone after years on the job, but then lots of sex was a great distraction from that.

Daniel’s wife had overplayed her hand by denying her husband access to her body for too long and she didn’t even know it yet. In any war losing access to vital information also means losing the war and even though neither Daniel nor his wife knew it yet she had caused a disruption in a carefully built and maintained network the police had been trying and failing to break through for years.

But all those thoughts were only slowly reemerging as Nelly’s body started to return to a normal – albeit exhausted – state, her breath and heart frequency returned to a state doctors would deem healthy and her vision cleared.

One had to admit that what this remorseless killer and career criminal lacked in humility he made up in times when humility was more disadvantage than desirable character trait.

It had taken months of helping a bunch of lowlifes transform a big drug delivery into many small ones before she had been trusted with delivering them and two more months before Daniel had finally taken notice of her, but from there progress had been much faster. After all he was but a man and she had a pair of tits and the only factor holding him back was his wife that liked him less than he liked her.

Easy, but for once this game wasn’t boring just because it was easy. Not with a dick like that, hands that knew where to touch and how to hold her when she came and that look  in his eyes that drove her so crazy that she already craved a second round before  her breath was going normal again.

Before Daniel could think about getting up Nelly put her arm around him and locked him in place.

„I need this a second time, as soon as you can.“

They shared an exhausted smile and she could see a bit of pride on his face.

„Just a minute, you hungry…“ He made a small pause and she couldn’t help but chuckle.

„…Bitch? Slut? Say it, talk dirty to me.“

„Hah, I would never. ‚Woman I hold in high regard‘ was what I was thinking.“

There it was again, this stupid ability to switch between talking like the gang member he was and the cultivated businessman he appeared to be at any given moment. She knew how exhilerating it was to live two lives that didn’t get along with each other, living two half lives instead of a full one.

She rolled over him and playfully kissed his lips and neck, waiting for his dick to grow hard again.

Normally a patient person Nelly could hardly wait, but then neither could Daniel and it wasn’t long before she could feel his erect dick pressing against her again. With a move of her hips she took him in, slowly to give them both time to adjust. She wasn’t in such a rush now, the first time they had hardly made it into her apartment and hadn’t been able to get out of her clothes fast enough, but now she had ample time to look into his eyes as she moved up and down on his dick, enjoyed the mix of fatigue and returning lust in his eyes.

It wasn’t long before Daniel had his hands on her ass cheeks and used them to push her down harder and faster and Nelly’s instinct told her she wasn’t going to stay on top much longer.

A few thrusts later the look in his eyes had changed, more the animal and less the suit wearing businessman now. She found herself on her back before she knew what had happened and locked her feet behind his back to take each of his forceful thrusts deeper than she could handle.

She tried and failed to lock his gaze as her vision became increasingly blurry and focusing her eyes on the same spot for more than a moment became impossible, her gaze darting from the ceiling to furniture and the book she was reading on the bedside table. She tried to remember the title, the author or even what the book was about but then he pulled back and thrust into her, wiping her memory of all thoughts and replacing them with mental images of his dick and even a load of cum hitting her stomach, pooling in her navel and running down the sides before soaking into the sheets.

Or no, that was indeed what had happened when her vision cleared up and the memory of her orgasm faded before she really knew it had hit her. She was angry with herself, angry she had basically missed the orgasm and angry knowing she wouldn’t be able to cum for the foreseeable future.

But then her mind caught up with her body and fatigue took over and when Daniel lay down next to her playfully twisting a curl of hair between his fingers she was already fallig asleep, content about the mission milestone in more than just one way.