When Jason had joined the police he had thought it to be full of adventure, but then he had quickly realized there were two types of assignments: Plain boring and downright insulting. This night was definitely one of the latter, guarding an empty whorehouse raided by SWAT earlier in the day without even the slightest chance someone would try to break in.

At least he wasn’t alone. Someone really nice had decided to send the cutest the apartment had to offer to suffer alongside him. He certainly wasn’t the only one who couldn’t walk past Sabrina without staring, she was unfairly sexy in a way that was hard to explain and went beyond simple sex. Maybe adventure was the right word, she looked like someone he wanted to do stupid things with.

But not even her presence could help the fact that the ob at hand was the grossest waste of time he had been paid to commit in months He wasn’t even able to tell himself that if the city wanted to pay him to sit around they were free to do so, this was just not funny anymore.
“I am incredibly bored.” The way she said that let him know the was just as close to going mad as he was.

“Same. Wanna explore the place a bit?”

“Yeah let’s, maybe we find some hidden money to make this worth our time after all. Jesus, we could be sitting at the bar and get drunk and it would be more productive than this.”

They left their chairs by the front door behind and followed their flashlights up the stairs to the main hall that had brought questionable entertainment to more lonely souls than the average police department employed and likely grossed more in a night than Jason or anyone else made a month.
Now the whole place lay dormant and shrouded in eerie silence, the sound of their boots echoing through the darkness as they silently searched for anything to fight the boredom.

Jason walked over to the bar and grabbed two bottles of beer from the happily humming fridge. „Want to break somes rules?“

Sabrina walked over and grabbed a bottle. „I normally wouldn‘t even think about drinking on the job, but tonight I‘m really angry with everyone in charge and they can stick their rules where there‘s even less light than in this room.“

„Amen to that.“

The bottles touched and established a connection of shared secrets Jason was sure many of his colleagues would happily pay for. Maybe that made the night less of a waste of time, he had always wanted to get to know her better.
They each took a sip in silence and he wondered if she was as clueless about conversation topics as he was.

„I have no idea what to talk about, it’s like my mind is wiped of all common sense.“

Sabrina put up a sinister smile. „Already? I haven’t even taken my jacket off.“

His eyes grew wider even though he knew she was just teasing him and it was to late to act as if he could have resisted. Instead he turned away, embarrassed that all it took for him to get hard was a single teasing sentence from her.

„Wow, that worked well, much better than I thought it would. Is there something in the air or are you crushing on me really hard?“

„Uh, must be the lighting, all chicks look great at night.“

„Aw, actually crushing then? I’m flattered, I don’t get that too often.“

„You, uh, apparently have no idea about the kind of talk you cause in the washing rooms after shifts. I’m defo not the only one.“

„Huh, that’s even more flattering. But you know what you have that they  don’t?“


„A unique chance to go through with those fantasies of yours.“

He looked away from her, wondering just how and where things had taken such a turn.

„You should really stop fighting yourself and just start undressing me. Come on, I need a hard cock as much as you seem to need a wet pussy, seems our needs align so get over yourself.“

„That’s, I mean, a bit fast.“

„Well, you can always go slow when we get home after the shift, if you like spend an hour massaging my neck and back and make me coffee if you like, but right now slow’s not the right answer.“

Something clicked inside his head, the realization that she was far beyond joking and fully intended to go through with what she said and he finally got up to walk over to her, finding his lips on hers the last confirmation he needed.

Patrol uniforms were strange, incredibly sexy on one hand and incredibly hard to open on the other. He needed both hands to open the buttons of her jacket, but luckily she held on to him and made sure their lips couldn’t leave each other for more than a second at a time. A smile crept up on her face as he made his way to layer two and fought with another set of buttons, followed by a sigh of anticipation when he touched bare skin, following the contours of her body with his fingers.

She wore no bra, her firm, almost small breasts apparently sufficiently held in place by her uniform and he was presented with a full view of her slim, pale body that left him already sad he wouldn’t be able to cum as much as he wanted.

His fingers continued to her belt buckle, but her hand went down and stopped him after he had undone the buckle. Confused Jason looked up to her again and into a smile he could only call sinister.

„I just realized something I  heard about this place, come with me.“


„Believe me, it’ll be worth the wait and the walk. Come.“

Jason followed her up the stairs, lacking the slightest idea what she was up to while she led him through the upper floor, past a few rooms until they reached a bigger room.

Stepping inside he saw two chairs with harnesses strung in all kinds of wires and after a second he realized they were two of the infamous virtual reality sex seats he had read and joked about years ago when they first hit the market. Judging by the pink and blue he guessed they were gender-individual, but then that probably made sense.

„I didn’t realize this place had two of these, or that anyone really had any.“

„I wasn’t sure either, but I’ve heard talk about them once. This’ll be great, look no one has used this in ages.“

She was right, even though the harnesses had been properly cleaned – or so he hoped – there was dust all over the seats and it was obvious no one had used it in weeks, maybe months.

„And you think this is better than the real thing?“

„I don’t know, but as I said I’m going to take you home and we’ll have plenty of time to fuck until neither of us can stand. This here? Once in a lifetime chance.“

The thought of falling asleep next to her, waking up next to her and fucking her as much as humanly possible was driving him crazy to the point were he wondered if he would cum without being touched.

„I… guess you are right.“

He moved over to the left chair, but found himself held back.

„No no, you take that one.“

„What? Oh no no, I’m not even sure if that would work.“

„Pretty sure it does, or so I’ve heard.“

„Come on, were would you hear that?“

„Well, you guys have absolutely no idea about the kind of talk we talk in the department washing rooms.“

It was then that Jason decided that Sabrina was nothing short of crazy, but the good kind of crazy he wanted to experience more of. Shrugging he walked over to the pink one.

„If we die a horrible death we’ll be department conversation topic number for months.“

„Legends never die. Come on, let’s get naked.“

That they did and before long they were clad in a weird wire harness, sharing a last smile before they put on the VR goggles and he found himself in a three-dimensional menu full of possible scenarios to choose from.

„You hearing me?“, her voice echoed in her his headphones.

„Just fine. So, your choice.“

„Oh I just love it when men can decide for themselves.“

„Yeah well, I’m not the man here anymore, right?“

„Hah, right. Penthouse suite?“

„Whatever you say, as long as you give my pussy what it needs.“

A snortle sounded in his ear. „You sure adapt fast.“

Before he found the time to answer the menu disappeared and made way for a huge room with little furniture and less privacy. Good thing they were at the highest point of the city or Jason might have felt insecure with his tits out and exposed to anyone who cared to watch.

It was confusing to run his hands over his own breasts, but certainly not confusing in a bad way. The electrodes in his harness were sending small, teasing signals through his body.

„God, is it always like that for you?“

„The tits? Oh yeah, sometimes it’s enough to have my blouse rub against them to drive me crazy. Never gets boring either.“

„I just might stay in this simulation then.“

„Let’s see how you like getting fucked by a big hard dick first and then talk again.“

He couldn’t help but laugh at the absurdity, he was as straight as they came and yet here he was, looking at a naked guy who moved and talked a little feminine but certainly didn’t look feminine. In fact that was quite a sizable package, not unrealistic but probably enough to put a slight bit of fear into a woman. He couldn’t deny a decent amount of fear himself, but that was less due to the size of that dick and more due to the general experience.


He nodded and smiled. „That, and confused, strangely turned on, weirded out and still not sure we are actually doing this. Mostly afraid though.“

„Well, there’s no need to be afraid to be afraid. I’ll be gentle, I promise.“

With that she – he – ran her fingers over Jason’s face, following his cheek bones down to his neck and leaving a storm of electrode stimulation in their wake. To be fair it didn’t feel like that – far too real – he just still had enough sense in him to realize his mind was playing tricks on him.

A second later that was gone though when the most realistic illusion of a helicopter whirred past one of the windows and his mind found nothing unreal about the place anymore. The sound, the slight cold of a room that never properly heats up, the expensive wooden floors that felt real under his feet and the man in front him that was warm, lifely and the cock that pressed against Jason’s stomach.

He wanted it in him, wanted Sabrina’s hands on his body, hear her call her names a sober Jason would have taken offense at.

„Fuck me, fuck me like a slut.“

„Right what you are, right what I need. Get on your knees, suck my cock.“

He followed her command immediately, the floor as hard on his knees as her cock was on his throat. She wasn’t nearly as gentle as she had promised earlier and he was gagging with her hands at the back of his head shoving her cock further into his throat than possible. There was something weirdly good about that, something he knew he shouldn’t like but happened to love, like a mental preparation of what he would soon have – needed – between his legs.

When she allowed him a short breath of air he grasped all the air he could fit into his lungs and immediately got back to work, running his tongue over her tip and bouncing his head back and forth.

It was over soon enough and he was free again, the slut on all his fours who was begging to be fucked.

Sabrina grabbed his ass and pressed his back down until he was face down ass up in front of her, then smacked his ass as she got in position to run the tip of her cock against his clit. Once, twice, then five times more than he could handle without words.

„Oh god, fuck me please.“

„Yeah? You want my cock you dirty slut?“

„Yes, please.“

Then Sabrina was inside of him in one swift motion, deep inside his pussy before he had noticed her put the tip in and a long moan escaped his lips. He tried to straighten his back to better take her dick, but she pushed him back down with twice the strength and he decided it was time to just let himself fall, be handled and taken care of.

The feeling was weird, amazing. He was wet enough to let her slide out and thrust in effortlessly and hated it, he needed more friction. He pushed his hips back, hoping to increase the force with with Sabrina was fucking him. He let his hand run up to his ass cheeks to grab them, but once more Sabrina pushed his hand away and immediately followed with a painful smack on his cheeks that left a burning desire for more behind.

„Again!“, he begged with coarse voice and an embarrassing squeak when Sabrina followed his pleading.

Another smack, another thrust and Jason was suddenly overcome by shivers he could hardly handle, only stopped from falling flat on the ground by Sabrina’s hands that were still holding him up by his hips while he tried and failed to gain grip on the sleek floor.

Slowly some sense returned into his eyes and mind but he could still feel Sabrina plunging into him, now painfully aware he was fucked before Sabrina suddenly pulled out and his back was splattered with hot sticky cum. When Sabrina’s hands let go of him he allowed himself to drop flat to the gound, feet and hands spread out in exhaustion formerly unknown to him.

Suddenly a logout option appeared and he immediately selected it, eager to hide in a corner as far away from Sabrina as possible.

He took off his goggles and looked down on himself, splattered in cum like in the simulation but on his stomach instead of back.

he could hardly bring himself to look over at Sabrina but forced himself to, looking into the cutest face imaginable with her hair distorted and that smirking expression distorting her facial features.

„Tell me that wasn’t amazing.“

„Frigh-te-ning. But yeah, amazing. So does that simulation actually only show the ending option when both have come?“

Sabrina nodded. „Probably why these machines have been outlawed almost everywhere.“

„They have?“

„Mh-hm. Shame if you ask me, haven’t enjoyed myself as much in a long time.“

„It sort of made up for having to spend the night here, yeah.“

Sabrina chuckled and wiggled herself out of the harness, her cute tits wiggling in the weird indirect lighting cast by their flashlights.

„Know what’s the worst part about all this?“


„We still have four hours ahead of us.“