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Long Days In The Wastelands

Apocalyptic short stories

This series of post-apocalyptic erotic short stories is basically what this whole site was built upon and to this day remains my most purchased series. All stories from the early days have been revisited and occasionally I add new ones, if you want to be notified of new releases I usually remember to send an email to my mailing list subscribers (signup at the bottom of the page).

The stories range from FF over FM to FSolo, all of them set in gritty, hopeless dystopian worlds.

Those days in the wastelands get long so make sure to grab your copy to have something to read!

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Those Coldest Night

Noirty By Night Volume 1

Heavy rainfall washed every possible piece of evidence into the gutter and the swarm of uniforms staked through the mud like herons looking for clues - or maybe frogs, no one could say for sure.

In this erotic short story cops Ian and Sarah try to cure a wasted night at a crime scene with a night together. Will they succeed? Dramatic music.

Here's what totally fictitious people have to say about the book:

*slaps roof of book* this bad boy can fit so much freaking misogyny and bad sex in it.
-- Car salesman

“I opened this box of pills that said ‘hard to swallow’ on the label. Inside it had a strip of paper that read ‘Noirty by night is a great book series’.”
--That one five star revieper

“This book is not good. It’s not even bad, that would be an insult to all bad books. No, it excels in shallow characters, weird author phantasies and unrealistic dialogue. Oh, and it pretty much all leads to one sex scene that wasn’t even good. 5/7”
--That other reviewer

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A Matter Of Thrust

Noirty By Night Volume 2

Ellie is just what a cop needs after a month long case that has pushed everyone to their limits. Easy, the remedy of many a cold, lonely night and just as desperate for warmth as he is. Even in the middle of the night she won't ignore him, won't shut him out and instead let him inside in all meanings of the word.

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