Kinktober – Spitroast

I wrote this story last October when I seemingly invented the great idea of slapping a K in front of the yearly inktober and I’m frankly surprised that a) no one seems to have come up with it before me for once and b) that they seriously had a day called roasted in the prompt list. As you can imagine I just couldn’t resist and after reading it again just now I really like this one so it stays. Hope you agree!

Days were becoming increasingly short, temperatures reached more sane levels´, the stupidly hot and bright was replaced by the cozy, dim and chilly. It was the perfect time to talk people into experiments, everyone was troubled by the change of seasons in their own way and no one was as stable as they were in the summer months.

For Mona and Stephanie that meant that their girl’s nights frequently drifted into slippery talk, sexual topics on the table right next to the can of tea and biscuits, even their hugs and friendly touches could take the turn down slippery slopes if they were not careful. Sometimes they managed, other times they ended up naked and exhausted on the bed instead of friendly cuddles on the couch and once Mona’s boyfriend had even almost caught them if not for Stephanie’s quick thinking to act as if they were trying on clothes to bring fresh wind into their wardrobes.

But that was the harmless, they had been doing that for years, many a harsh winter eased by each other’s warm hugs, stolen kisses and naughty thoughts shared over tea and hot chocolate. One of those thoughts was a recurring one in their conversation, that they both had managed to find attractive, smart and downright sexy boyfriends and that neither Mona nor Stephanie could hide a slight mutual envy at the other. Up until a certain point that had been the one secret they kept from each other, but since they had said it out loud once and found the other shared their thoughts they had been talking about it several times and in various constellations. Sometimes Mona would find a picture in her inbox of a long, hard dick that wasn’t her boyfriend’s and return the favur, other times they would lead hour long conversations about their sex lives and they inched closer and closer to actually sharing the one thing they still kept to themselves. Everything else belonged to them both by now, Mona knew her way around Stephanie’s house as if it was hers and vice versa, so it was only logical to extend that to the guys.

There was just one problem, neither of them had the slightest idea what said guys were thinking about the matter, but then it was an educated guess to say they would hardly complain.

Whenever they had talked about actually asking them though something had come in the way, especially because they wanted them both in the same room when they proposed the idea. And now, finally it seemed the day had arrived, more or less unplanned as all good things were. It was Stephanie’s birthday, a small informal party and Mona and Steve were the only invited guests – except for Mike and Stephanie of course. It was a cozy evening, a fulfilling dinner lay behind them and now the guys were back in the garage obsessing over Mike’s new bike while Mona and Stephanie had retired to the kitchen to prep tea and cake.

It did not take long before Mona stepped over to overstep bounds with Stephanie, her lips teasing her neck and the arms around her shoulder ended in hands that massaged Stephanie’s breasts.

“I haven’t even given you your real birthday present yet”, Mona whispered and turned Stephanie around to kiss her on the lips, a long and dangerous kiss under normal circumstances but there was zero chance the guys would come back inside before someone called for them. Mona could never get enough of those lips, too good did it feel with that mix of softness, hunger and most importantly the taboo of kissing someone she wasn’t supposed to. And Stephanie saw that just the same way, her hands wandering down with her fingers digging into Mona’s butt cheeks, painful enough to make Mona grin and nibble on her lip a little in revenge.

“Don’t you think today would be a good day?”

“For what?”, Stephanie asked momentarily oblivious, but then it dawned on her and her lips widened in a naughty grin.

“Ohh, you are a dirty girl.”

“No denying that.”

“Cheating on me on my birthday, that is low even by your slutty standards.”


Mona’s first impulse of jabbing Stephanie’s shoulder turned into a different direction as her fingers assumed command and crept under Stephanie’s comfy pants, trying to work their way past her panties until it became apparent that none were present in the deep darkness that lurked below. Mona’s fingers met warm, soft lips and before Stephanie had a chance to complain her fingers ran over them more teasing than anything.

“Don’t tell me you don’t want to.”

“Uh, that would be a lie and we are not supposed to lie, are we?”

Another kiss served as an answer, then Mona moved back to keep her at arm’s length.

“If you’re not telling Mike I will, and how would that look?”

Stephanie sighed, but it was a happy sigh, a horny one. A moment before they had been perfectly happy boiling water for tea and now it was them who were boiling hot and there was no way they would step away now. Stephanie’s lip bite told Mona all she had to know and so they grabbed each other’s hands and dragged each other towards the door leading to the garage.

Before opening it Stephanie held her back and pulled her ear closer.

“five minutes, we split them up and I suggest you get him a little hot before asking.”

Mona could only nod, then the door opened and they went inside.

“Mike, could I steal you for a minute?”

Mike shrugged and followed Stephanie inside, leaving Mona alone with Steve. She walked over to him and could see the confusion in his eyes, he knew her well enough to understand that something was up.

“What is going on?”, he said looking at her as their lips parted again, careful to leave his hands on her hips and maybe a little lower.

“You, my dear are going to help me make Steph’s birthday a really special one.”

“Uh, whatever I can do to help.”

“Perfect, I will remind you that you said that.”

Now the look in his eyes turned a little more frightened as he tried to figure out what evil Mona could probably have thought of, of course ignoring the most obvious possibility.

“Are you at least going to tell me what you have cooked up in that devious mind of yours?”

“In a second, first I have to do something else.”

With that her hand brushed over the bulge in Steve’s pants, teasing it as his eyes grew more paranoid by the second. There was a quick moment between unbuttoning his pants and taking his hardening dick into her mouth where everything seemed to float in a void, but then Steve pulled her up to look her deep into her eyes.

“Now I really want to know what you are up to.”

He was not wrong to be confused, Mona could count the times she had sucked his dick on both hands, normally they were both perfectly happy with their eyes on the same level so it was obvious something was indeed going on.

“I am just making sure you don’t forget about me while you bury your dick inside Steph.”

“What? Are you nuts?”

Mona chuckled, his face was so cute when he was truly surprised. Then she shook her head.

“Absolutely not, Stephanie and I have been talking this through for a long time now.”

Now it was Steve’s turn to chuckle, as it sunk in that she was not joking.

“And you think talking this through makes it better how? What is Mike supposed to say? And don’t tell me you’re planning to… oh god you are.”

Mona pulled him closer, her hand still massaging his dick as she kissed his cheek, then moved up to whisper into his ear.

“He will fuck me so hard and you won’t be able to complain because you will be so deep inside Stephanie that she squeals.”

“Mona, that is so screwed up.”

She bopped his nose. “Aw, but I can see you like the idea. Don’t tell me you never looked at Stephanie’s ass, because even I have.”

Unwilling to outright admit it Steve just smiled. “And, is it a good one?”

“Absolutely, so soft and grabbable. And her pussy feels simply amazing.”

“Wait, you know what her pussy feels like?”

Mona knew she had him. “What do you think we do on girl’s nights?”

His hands dug into her ass as he pressed another kiss on her lips, then he shook his head again.

“Look, I know it’s crazy but if Mike’s okay with that I’m game.”

“See, I knew you were a horny bastard.”

“All your fault.”

“Yeah, yeah, come on now, we don’t want to make them wait.”

Dragging Steve behind her Mona opened the door to the garage, finding Stephanie and Mike in a hug in the middle of the room. Mike looked at Steve, both shrugging at the same time.

“Has your girl gone crazy all of a sudden as well?”

“Definitely. What’s your, uh, opinion on this?”

“That is definitely one of these situations best handled by a coin flip, don’t you agree?”

“Ugh, I can’t believe you guys sometime. Get over it already, it’s not going to kill you”, Stephanie intervened just before any awkwardness could spread across the room. She had that about her, always knew when to speak or stay silent and sometimes even acting in accordance.

“Whatever man, it’s her birthday so if you have a special present for her who would I be to deny it?”

“You just want to fuck my girlfriend, admit it.”

“I mean obviously, it’s not fair you keep a girl like that all to yourself.”

That was all Mona and Stephanie needed to hear, each of them shoving their boyfriends towards the other before landing in each other’s arms for a long kiss that was sure to get the boys riled up.

And it worked, the final sign that neither of them was joking and soon enough Mike and Steve shrugged again and Mona found herself in Mike’s arms, pressing a shy kiss on his lips that was returned equally shy. But then that first kiss broke the mental barrier and now Steve, too kissed Stephanie far too vigorously for her liking. Of course that was exactly what both Mona and Stephanie had wanted, but it still felt incredibly weird to see the two people she loved most in life in each other’s embrace, hungrily kissing when by all means they should not.

A moment later though Mike was back in her focus, the strong arms holding her as somehow they all made their way to Stephanie’s bedroom, swarm intelligence at its finest. The mattress was great, soft and firm at the same time but then Mona already knew it well enough to feel at home, memories of naughty hours spent with Stephanie flashing through her mind as her ass hit the fabric. Stephanie came to rest next to her and as they looked at each other their grins widened, after more than a year of talk they had finally arrived just where they wanted to be and it felt any bit as good as Mona had fantasized about.

Mike dragged her pants right down, the stretchy fabric offering little resistance until everything bulged up at her ankles, but Mona kicked it off and enjoyed the thought of her pants spread over the floor, soon followed by her sweatshirt and then her shirt, leaving her naked as naked can be with her legs spread for her boyfriend’s best friend who was keen of taking advantage of that offer.

A glance over to Steve made her happier than it could make her envious, the smile on his face was so cute and he seemed genuinely excited. His hands were in the process of touching the same tits Mona liked touching so much and she hoped he would feel the same kind of weird and taboo, but undeniably attraction to them.

Then her focus switched back to Mike, or rather his tongue and fingers that were just about to dive into her pussy with a maddening lack of speed that exhausted her patience.

“I can’t believe you are licking my girlfriend dude.”

For a second the tongue stopped moving and retracted, but only long enough to utter a ‘she seems to like it though’ before he was back at work. And he was right, she definitely liked it and she couldn’t even feel ashamed anymore. As much as she loved Steve, for the time being her boyfriend answered to Mike and was currently fiddling with his belt and pants to give her just what she wanted.

Damn, that thing lived up to the pictures, that much was sure. But then again his fingers alone had brought her pretty far and she was not sure if she or Steve would be more embarrassed if she came after the first few thrusts.

And the moment she felt the tip brush against her lips she knew it would happen, maybe not in the first few but far earlier than with Steve and she hated the thought as much as she loved it. Then he was inside her and the thought was washed away, pressed out of her lungs in a short gasp that expressed all her feelings to those who cared to listen.

Next to her Stephanie extended her hand, grabbing her by the wrist and making Mona feel the thrusts reverberating through Stephanie’s arm. Even with her eyes closed she could see it all, and more importantly she felt as if she was pounded by two dicks at the same time, could feel Mike directly inside her but at the same time she could feel the effect Steve’s thrusts had on Stephanie. Somehow she focused on those, trying to see if she knew Steve well enough by now to interpret the frequency of his thrusts, his moans and before she knew it she had all but forgotten about the dick inside her, just long enough to be surprised by the orgasm she hadn’t anticipated.

She came out of nowhere, her grip on the blanket tightening just like her whole body stiffened up and a moan escaped her lips that turned into more of a shriek and for the first time in years she was truly mortified, especially when all three of them started laughing. The guys at least stuck to chuckling and Mike to running a hand over her thighs and stomach, but Stephanie in her usual frankness summarized it perfectly as ‘like a sneezing kitten’. Mona had no other choice but to cover her face with her arm and sigh, the damage was done. Mike gave her a break, but the moment he was about to enter her again Steve pulled his arm. “Why don’t you help me out here, it’s Stephanie’s birthday after all and she deserves something really special for coming up with a plan like that if you ask me.”

It did not take a genius to see the plan, nor did it take long before Mike was with Steve, they had turned around Stephanie so she was on her knees and elbows with her mouth slipping over Mike’s dick, quite expertly as Mona could see from the corner of her eye. Mona turned over to the side, placing a hand on Stephanie’s arm to stabilize them both and watched as the dick that had seemed so large just moments ago disappeared in Stephanie’s mouth completely, Mike’s hand on the back of her head keeping her there a little too long for Mona’s comfort but Stephanie seemed not to struggle.

Okay, maybe a bit as she coughed and gasped for air when he finally pulled out, but it certainly wasn’t her first rodeo. With her eyes still foggy Mona smiled at Steve who smiled right back, looking her deep in the eyes as he picked up his pace and plunged into Stephanie’s pussy with great ferocity. Mona knew how great that had to feel, this was a dick that rarely failed to get her off because it was just so perfect. She wanted it back inside her, wanted to feel him move and his dick twist as he came closer to coming and Mona knew his cum would feel great on her as much as she would enjoy it inside her.

But no, that was out of the question because her boyfriend was just about to come with his dick inside her best friend and Mona was not sure if he would show the decency to pull out and splatter her ass because he looked seriously out of his mind. Mona reached up for Stephanie’s breasts, carefully massaging them as she slowly felt life return into her. She sat back up, running her hands under the shirt Stephanie was still wearing and using her fingers to tease her skin in all the wrong places while Mike and Steve did their best to make her feel loved and respected.

Unlike moments before Mona could feel the orgasm come up long before it arrived, Stephanie’s whole body becoming stiffer and stiffer and hardened muscles twitching whenever Mona’s fingers touched them, then it broke free in a quivering, almost shaking orgasm. Mike’s dick slipped out of her mouth and her upper body sunk into the mattress and just moments later Steve pulled his dick out of her, his hips still thrusting forward and back as he unloaded an impressive amount of hot, sticky cum all over her backside. Mona got up and wiggled her way behind Mike, grabbing around and reaching for his dick before she began stroking it fiercely. She hugged him, her tits pressed into his back as she finished him off, a task she was apparently overqualified for because he came within a few strokes of her hand, uncaring that Stephanie was directly under him. Mona looked around seeing spurt after spurt fly from his dick, enough to make her giggle at the mess he did to her hair that would be a bitch to wash out.

With a mutual sigh they all let go of each other, leaned against the wall or sunk down on the mattress, unable to look at one another for long or without a stupid, slightly ashamed grin.

And Mona could tell it would not stay the last time they did this.



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