Inches from Death

Carol knew she had fucked up, it was easier to admit than to deny. She had known something was off, enough to make her store her gear two floors down from her actual destination, which might just save her life. If no one noticed the women’s clothes behind the bed it would looks as if Derek had been there on his own.

She had heard four shots, so she knew she wouldn’t meet Derek again, but the fact that she was still alive here on the ledge of the roof meant that at least she had a chance to survive.

The way out of the window had been the only possible flight route and since no one had come after and caught her in the past few minutes chances were good that no one was looking for a second person.

Coming to think of that it also meant that neither had she led Sector Security here nor that Derek had sold her out for whatever reason he might have had to do so.

That knowledge would not help her escape – or with anything for that matter – for the time being, her way forward was still blocked by the two guards who guarded the helicopter. She wasn’t delusional enough to think she could fight two armed guards butt naked or sneak past them, the wire mesh fence didn’t exactly do a great job of blocking their line of sight.

Carol was reasonably sure she could wait things out, once they would leave the helicopter was likely to fly in the opposite direction where their headquarters were located. Not that it was easy waiting there, any minute increased the chances of someone finding her clothes and figuring out she couldn’t have gone far. The harsh winds made the small ledge seem smaller than she would have liked, sitting down wasn’t really an option and her whole room for movement was reduced to maybe two square meters.

But worst of all with the adrenaline rush subsiding she became incredibly horny again. Derek had already come – in fact she could still feel the cum dripping down on her back – but as Carol had had this bad premonition she had found it hard to relax enough to come herself. She had gone to the bathroom to allow Derek to cool down and counted on a second round that would never happen now.

Carol had always had a tendency to become incredibly horny at the worst times – at more than one occasion she had had to excuse herself from meetings for a few minutes when office meetings had still been a daily occurrence – but this certainly topped them all.

Naked, inches away from death no matter in which direction she looked and one of the few people she had trusted enough to sleep with most likely dead, yet all she could think about was sticking fingers into herself.

Well, so be it then, it wasn’t like she had anything to do for the next half an hour. With her right she kept a hold to the wiremesh fence, careful not to pull on it to avoid alerting the guards, her left went down her stomach, then right down without so much as a moment of hesitation.

There was more time to waste than Carol was willing to, she was long past the stage of lazily teasing touches and slow movements. She loathed and loved the times when her orgasm was delayed and the road leading up to it was rocky and full of obstacles and detours, and she wasn’t sure whether to lean to loving or hating in this case. But then she was, considering there was only one direction she could lean in without dying, slightly against the fence.

It was certainly unique enough to have its own charme, the wind brushing over her naked skin seemed to send just as much shivers across her body as her fingers that were now diving deep into her, merciless as the soldiers on the other side of that wall.

Carol found herself in the twilight zone between being wet enough for her fingers to slide in without effort and hot and dry enough for those fingers to inflict friction and pleasure with each and every thrust. She heard the guards talk, but the wind noise made it impossible to understand their exact words. Glancing around the corner increased the danger of being caught, one of the guards was just a slight turn away from looking directly in her direction and so she leaned back and hid in the questionable safety of the wall.

As Carol strengthened her grip on the wire mesh she thought that balance was one of these things one never really appreciated enough until it became more rare and started drifting out of reach. The ability to think clearly was another one, Carol heard the coarse voices and heavy steps not far from her but found herself unable to figure out what that really meant or how to react to it.

A small part of her brain was working well enough to let her keep quiet, her teeth biting down on her lips and her moans all but silent, certainly inaudible over the wind noise. With her basic survival taken ensured the rest of her mind could focus on the important things in life, like the fact that her nipples were craving attention but she had no free hand to spare. Carol coped by trying to massage her breasts with the inside of her arm while simultaneously fingering herself, her erect nipples rubbing against her skin and sending waves of painful pleasure through her spine.

Carol knew that despite all the danger around her she was more aroused than she had been in a long time, equally unable and unwilling to drag out the inevitable and working harder on her orgasm than she had on her diploma back in the day. Those had been good times, when a diploma was still important in life and guns and security forces had still been a pillar of safety in an already decaying society.

But trading a high wage and security for orgasms like the one she felt coming up seemed to be a fair trade, maybe even a desirable one. Carol had never really felt in full control over her life – certainly she wasn’t now – but since everything had turned from moderate, boring choices to the crass extremes she had grown so used to her life sure had gotten more exciting.

It would also be exciting to find out if her twitching muscles would be able to support her weight, if the orgasm would force a loud moan out of her and give her away and if that pleasure would enable her to think in straight lines again.

It was time to find out, Carol felt the frustration, adrenaline and adventure of the day accumulate into a shockwave of pain, pleasure and desire before everything seemed to explode and relieved her of all bad memories and the harsh reality of life for a split second. A blissful second where neither current pain nor recent loss seemed to matter, where things were sort of okay and each problem seemed like more of an opportunity, a challenge waiting to be overcome.

When Carol came back to her senses she realized she was still standing, but only inches away from death as her right hand was cupped around her breast instead of clawing into the fence, a gust of wind hitting her mere seconds after she had caught on to it again.

Her sense of hearing returned before she ever realized it had been absent in the first place, the voices now reaching her ears loud and crystal clear. There were complaints mixed with the usual afterglow of inflicting death that Carol had grown all too used to over the past years. There was only so much wrongful killing the human mind could handle, even the righteous fight Carol and her comrades were fighting was starting to erode her sanity and those guys had no reason to continue what they were doing. Hadn’t had for years and their sanity certainly wasn’t improving either.

One was of the opinion they had wasted time and effort on a small time criminal, another one was unhappy with the lack of evidence and a third commented that ‘the lucky bastard’ had had the time for one last wank before he died.

That was when Carol finally realized she was indeed safe. They seemed to have missed the signs of her presence, probably the pair of jeans and shirt she had worn were manly enough to look just like the other clothes in the room. Carol couldn’t help but smile thinking that modern fashion might have just saved her life, the sounds of heavy footsteps fading into the not-too-far distance before being overcome by the deafening whir of the helicopter’s rotors told her she would live to see another day.


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