As far as sisters went Lucy had always been as crazy as one could get without actually being crazy, and frankly a lot of fun to hang around with. She was the kind of chick who wore her hair short and looked absolutely stunning in it, and her smile could melt ice and was absolutely contagious.

But the moment she introduced Brian as her boyfriend to the rest of their hiking group Brian knew she had gone nuts. There was no reason to say that, if she wanted to keep the guys at bay a simple ‚that’s my brother‘ would have sufficed. After all, who fucks a chick when her brother is around?

But no, she went with him being her boyfriend and he assumed his dumbfounded smiling nod made him look less like a brother concerned his sister had gone mad and more like the love-blinded fool that anyone in her presence was bound to to be.

No one even gave him a second glance, probably all silently swearing that his sister was ‚taken‘. It did however send him on a very slippery slope of thoughts of his own as the group set off into the forest, thoughts he knew he should never have.

„You are crazy, but you know that, don’t you?“

She giggled and looked at him with that smile that was driving him crazy. „It worked, didn’t it?“

„Sure did, you broke quite a few hearts there.“

„Well, I sure don’t want a bunch of strangers making moves on me every inch of the way, I hope you don’t mind.“

He shook his head. „I don’t, but wouldn’t the truth have sufficed?“

„Maybe, maybe not. Ask yourself, would you stop chasing a chick just because her brother was around?“

„I might, but I see your point.“

„Great, then let’s enjoy the rest of the hike in peace from all those horny guys. I feel for the single ladies in the group, I hope they are wet and horny by the time we set up camp.“

Hearing Lucy talk like that didn’t help one bit against his dick that had grown noticeably inside his pants, but luckily that went as quickly as it had come. Several times over the neBriant few hours, but still.

He started to wonder if they would ever reach the campground they had chosen as their home for the weekend, they should have reached it an hour ago if everyone wasn’t walking so fucking slow. But then finally there was an opening in the forest, an assortment of rudimentary huts and a fireplace and behind the trees a mile wide lake that calmed Brian’s nerves just looking at it.

Any bystanders could have easily figured the group to be seasoned veterans who hiked with each other for the hundredth time with how efficiently everything seemed to work, even though no one had ever seen one of the others before this weekend. Tents were put up, the facilities were checked out and Brian took care of gathering firewood and enjoying the set up of the fireplace. As soon as the first flames were tingling around the wood he got back up and looked back at their little home away from home.

Lucy had put up the tent a little bit away from the others and moved both their backpacks inside already so he joined her inside to help with the rest of the setup.

Neither had brought air mattresses and he was more than glad for that, hating nothing more than the sound of them squeaking and complaining and annoying and bitching. Instead they made do with two sleeping pads, which sounded a lot more uncomfortable than it actually was. He had always preferred sleeping on harder surfaces, even slept on the ground for a while at a time when that kind of stuff didn’t get you dubbed as an ISIS terrorist in training.

It didn’t take long to unpack and the smell of the fire tickled his nose in the most beautiful way. However he realized being this near to Lucy felt really weird now that he was constantly thinking with his dick, and that he would likely have to sneak away at night to make himself come just to get through the following day without going crazy. He quietly yelled at her for making it impossible to fuck one of the single chicks, great work there.

„Beautiful, isn’t it?“

He nodded, forcing himself back into reality. „So peaceful, and I can’t wait to get something to eat because I’m totally starving.“

„Yeah, me too, I’ve been hungry the whole way.“

He smiled silently, that was certainly true for him in more than one way. They got out of the tent and moved over to the fire were they sat down on one of the log-benches that had seen better days but were still perfectly usable. The rest of the group started assembling and the next hour was spent waiting for food, devouring everything they could get their hands on and talking and laughing in between.

Laura, one of the chicks he might have made a move at under different circumstances sat down next to them and started chatting away like a chirping bird that never stopped chirping. Quite a nice person in fact, he liked her attitude that was pretty close to Lucy in how she had no problems speaking her mind and causing some controversy.

The evening grew old and cold, the chilly air of the night making everyone get a little closer to the fire. Laura looked over at Brian and asked between two bites: „So, how did you two get to know each other?“

He swallowed his bite and before Lucy could say anything answered: „We already met in school, some classes aligning.“

„You two make such a cute couple, I swear you are simply perfect for each other.“

Now he was glad that he could use food as an excuse not to answer, because he knew he would have stuttered.

„Thank you, I really love him.“ With that Lucy messed up his hair with her hand, smiling a smile that could be just as much loving girlfriend as the caring sister she actually was. He started enjoying their little secret game more and more and figured with how much Lucy had been having her fun he might have some himself.

Reaching out he let his hand run over her right leg, the kind of chaste sign of affection that works so well in public. Of course Lucy had no choice but to play along, and the smile he sent over to her would have looked quite devious if anyone had cared to look.

Conversation moved on to different topics, but the cold and everyone becoming increasingly tired slowly made it come to a stop until the first people started leaving for their tents to catch some sleep.

Lucy and Brian sticked around watching the fire burn down in front of them and before long she was cuddled against him, her head resting on his shoulder and his arm around her. There were more than a few confusing and conflicting feelings inside of him with her so close, his brain and body reacting differently and he was pretty sure it showed because Lucy snickered and looked up to him.

„You know, you could stop being so tense and just have some fun, what do you say?“

He didn’t say anything at first and then replaced a verbal response with a short kiss on her forehead, gone as quickly as it came.

„Like that?“

„Mh, not bad for starters. But I was thinking more like this.“ And with that he had her sitting in his lap and her lips firmly pressed against his before his brain had had time to process that sudden change of pace. But then everything happened rather quickly, a rollercoaster ride down a slippery slope neither of them was able to pull back from.

He felt her body in his hands and hers on his neck, explored the goosebump-ridden skin underneath her shirt with his fingers and soon went down to following the contours of her ass without their lips ever disconnecting for more than a second to catch a breath.

He wanted to say something, but then there wasn’t really a need for discussions anymore. Maybe the question if they were actually, really going to fuck tonight, but the answer to that was clearly ‚yes‘.

The fire was hardly a fire anymore and yet he felt none of the cold, little else on his mind other than the perfect curves, the smooth skin and the hands holding his face still for the next kiss. Slowly he got up, bringing her up with him and holding her tight as he dragged her and she pushed him into the vague direction of their tent, stopping to lean against a tree on their way because there was only so much time they could survive without kisses.

The moment they reached the tent they both fell inside more than they actually entered it, laying on their back for a second and giggling like maniacs. Both realized they had arrived at a dangerous turning point where one of them could jinBrian everything and pull back which made them both roll over and stop the other from even saying a single word with the power of their lips.

Their feet were still outside and still trapped in heavy hiking boots, which was only a momentary problem that was solved alongside the problem of still wearing clothes.

Brian could hardly believe his eyes when he saw Lucy fully naked in what little light the moon cast, but it was just as real as her fingers running over his chest and straight down to his dick that hardly needed any further encouragement but still got it.

In the blink of an eye he found himself on his back with Lucy on top of him, slowly easing her hips back to guide his erect dick into her with her eyes locked with his, both fully aware what they were getting themselves into but unwilling, unable to stop.

Brian felt the warmth of her pussy with an intensity unknown to him, making him feel as if he had finally reached his destination after years of journey. He pressed her against his body as close as he could and pushed his hips up, thrusting as deep into her as he could and then a little further, stealing a moan from her lips that was followed by a second before she had a chance to replenish the air in her lungs.

For the first time in what seemed like an eternity Lucy said something, part whispered, part moaned. „Fuck, I need this. Don’t you dare stop. If you need to cum inside me do it, but don’t stop.“

Brian’s eyes grew bigger, he hadn’t even had time to think about anything before he found himself lying on the floor with his dick inside his sister and just the thought of ejaculating inside of her made him want to do it as bad as the sober part of his brain wanted to avoid it.

But that was a question for a later date and there was a lot of fucking to be done first. Lucy grew soft in his arms and let herself fall, taking his thrusts as they came without holding back any moans or shivers. Brian held her tight and let his hands run over her back, following her spine down until he massaged her cheeks, still pushing into her without hesitation or pause.

He could feel an orgasm rising up already, but found himself in that rare state where he could stretch it out almost indefinitely to make sure his sister was going to cum first and get what she seemed to need so desperately.

Her breath was going fast and her cross-eyed gaze that stared right through him told him all he needed to know even before the soft body suddenly stiffened up, shortly before the last two thrusts made her lose all that tension in an eBrianplosion of pleasure, moaning and shivers that transferred over to his body and took all that restraint he had managed to hold up in their wake.

He had told himself he would pull out, make his sperm shoot all over her body instead of into her but suddenly knew the latter was exactly what was going to happen and that he had no chance to avoid it, even if he had still wanted to. The next moment he was watching some sense return into Lucy’s eyes and when she reacted to seeing his face with a warm, loving smile he couldn’t help but explode deep inside of her, each spasm of his dick sending another load of semen that he would have loved seeing on her naked back into her as they were both riding out the storm with what little strength their exhausted bodies could still muster.

He felt a deep sadness when his dick slid out of the warmth of Lucy’s pussy and re-entered the cold, harsh reality but it was quickly overcome by the warmth of a person he had known all his life but suddenly saw in a new light lying by his side.

Lucy rested her head on his arm and they spent a minute in silence before she spoke again. „I absolutely know we shouldn’t, but I want to keep doing this.“


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