Part 1

The chilly morning cold slowly pulled Brian out of his sleep, but finding his naked sister cuddled in his arms next to him fully woke him up in an instant. He sat up straight, trying to understand what had happened and how they could possibly get themselves out of this mess. Failing to come up with anything he sank back, letting out a sigh and running a hand through Lucy’s hair. She was as beautiful asleep as she was awake, the short brown hair soft to his touch as much as her cheek.

Running his fingers over her cheek woke her up, an equally relaxed and exhausted smile creeping over her face. He wanted to pull his hand back, but she grabbed his wrist and pulled him closer.

Her head turned slightly as she looked at him with one eye still closed. „Good morning.“

Brian chuckled and leaned in to kiss her neck. „I didn’t just dream last night, did I?“

Lucy turned around, locking her arm around him and pulling him in for a kiss, their lips meeting hungrily.

Then she pulled back and giggled slightly. „Does that feel like dreaming?“

X giggled and nodded slightly, running his fingers over her cheek and squeezing her chin. „To  be honest it does, yes.“

„You know what I mean.“

„Mh-hm, I just can’t believe it yet.“

Lucy giggled again, now rolling on top of him, still in her sleeping bag. With her mouth close to his ear she whispered: „I can’t believe you came in me, so naughty.“

„I swear I wanted to pull out.“

„Mh, it’s not like I didn’t see it coming and let it happen. Guess we are both a little naughty, eh?“

„A little?“

„Okay, a little more maybe. So, it’s still dark outside. Any plans until the others wake up?“

Brian’s dick was already hard again and even through the sleeping bags Lucy’s hips were noticeably grinding against him, making it easy to guess her thoughts.

„I have one or two ideas, but we would need to get rid of these sleeping bags.“

„Sounds like a good idea already.“

A second later they were free and Lucy back on top of him, her teeth nibbling on his lips while he guided his dick into her. It didn’t feel any less weird than the night before, but if anything it felt even better. Now that they had crossed the Rubicon and there was no way back they could start exploring each other, finding their own rhythm and learning how their bodies reacted.

Brian pulled her in closer, thrusting his hips up. Her rock hard nipples pressed into his chest and the look in her eyes was part hunger, part sisterly care and her usual sass. The moment his grip loosened a little she freed herself from his grip, straightening her back  with her hands pressed against his chest as she let her hips bounce up and down.

She was going hard at it and the teasing look in her eyes told him she was trying to make him come early, putting a lot of effort into it. Her pussy felt a little too tight to make it long and his face started twitching as he tried to maintain control.

„Slow down, you’re making me come way too soon.“

She looked at him menacingly. „If you come before I do I’ll have you make it up to me all day.“

Brian sighed and leaned back, but then got back up to grab her and turn her around. Now that she was flat on her back he had all the control he needed, but he found himself going none the slower. He thrust into her as deep as he could, gripping her neck tightly and forcing her head up a little. Lacking balance Lucy started to squirm and shift around, her eyes noticeably fogging up.

Her arms locked around his neck and her hot breath on his face came sharp, infrequent and mixed with moans and half-started sentences.

„God, don’t stop, don’t…“ was the first understandable sentence in a while, then her voice trailed off again as she tensed up and the grip around his neck became tighter than ever.

„God, yes, don’t…“

Lucy let go of him, his thrusts reverberating through her body as she came, all the motion gone from her body safe for the shivers. In the beginning daylight Brian could marvel at her beauty as he picked up his speed, bringing himself as close to coming as possible before sense returned into Lucy. This time he managed to pull out in time, his dick hanging in the air for a second before he could reach down and give it the last three strokes he needed.

His balls ached and all air escaped his lungs as he squeezed his dick as tightly as possible, releasing a splashing load of cum over Lucy’s stomach. Another followed, then another and when his vision cleared up he saw Lucy giggling under him.

„I didn’t think there would be that much cum left in you.“

He sighed and rolled over, coming to lie on her sleeping pad. „Me neither. That’s probably it though, not sure I can take any more fucking.“

„I’ll remind you later. You’ll have time to recover during the day, maybe until lunch.“


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