Alex had a problem, a fucking huge problem in the form of her best friend’s boyfriend’s cum all over her stomach and no idea how she had allowed that to happen. Not that she regretted the past half hour or whatever, but as amazing as she had felt as horrible did the decision seem in retrospect.

She could tell Nate was feeling the same way, could see the same conflicting emotions in his eyes.

„What did we do?“, he asked, resting his chin on his palm.

„We fucked up and fucked. Liz can never know about this, never ever.“

He nodded. „Absolutely not. I’m sorry, it felt great when we were doing it, really did, but…“

„…I know what you mean. Know what really feels bad?“


„It hasn’t gone away, I still want to fuck you. Like again, right now even though I already feel horrible.“

He smiled and his eyes on her naked body made her feel more insecure than she had felt since her first boyfriend.

„Well, I can’t deny that I feel similar, but…“

Alex got up from the chair she had been sitting on and walked over to Nate. „You know what, let’s do it. Let’s get it out of our systems, it’s still three days until Liz comes back.“

„What? No, come on.“

„No, look at us. We already fucked up, big time. It’s going to happen again if we don’t get it out of our systems, fuck until we don’t want to fuck each other anymore. Look at this“, she pointed at her pussy that was still – already again? – wet, „and tell me you don’t want to fuck it.“

„I don’t want to fuck it“, Nate answered, but it didn’t take a genius to see the lie in his eyes or hear it in his voice.

Alex sat down on the couch next to him and put her arm around his shoulder. That alone felt better than she cared to admit.

„You lie, and I can see it. And you know what? If I can see it so can Liz. Just think, if she comes back and sees this guilty look between us you and I are both out of a good friend.“

„You could sell ice to an eskimo, you know that?“

Alex chuckled and the next moment she was on top of him, slowly rubbing her pussy against his dick that was almost hard enough again to slide into her, fuck the ever-living shit out of her and make her utter words no lady should utter. She kissed his lips and it felt so good that she immediately felt ashamed, these lips and this man were exactly what she wanted. Wanted so much that she didn’t care they belonged to a person who trusted her without a second thought.

She would take him until she had enough of him, then probably again to make sure she was truly fed up and they could continue living in peace, all three of them.

But right now she wanted to cum more than anything else in the world and his dick was a damn fine way to achieve that. There was something about it that was just perfect, it had the perfectly right size to stretch her a little – but not too much – and a slight curvature that her body wasn’t used to, but craved.

She bounced up and down on him, felt his strong hands and the tight grip they had on her butt cheeks and noticed he was thrusting up as much as she was pushing down.

Normally the second round was always slower, exhaustion and satisfaction doing their part to ease the speed a little but if anything they were going faster than they had earlier. There was no satisfaction yet, and until there was Alex knew she wouldn’t slow down the slightest bit.

„Fuck me, treat me like a slut.“ She had no idea how that had come over her lips, but before she had finished her sentence she felt the burning sensation of his hand smacking her ass.

„That’s exactly what you are, a slut cheating on her best friend.“

That hurt about as much as her ass, but it was what she needed. „And you? Weak, too weak to be a man and wait a week for your girlfriend to come home.“

It worked, she felt she was about to cum and there were few things that could keep her from it either. Another smack on her ass and another forceful, almost hateful thrust into her pussy didn’t help either, in fact they were just what had been missing and she found her eyes roll up, air escape her lungs in a pathetic moan and her muscles shiver enough to let her fall down into his arms.

Nate didn’t seem to care, he kept fucking her and didn’t bother to pull out, his cum filling her pussy as much as her mind while she slowly came back to her senses. She got off of Alex’s lap, his dick slipping out of her pussy and his cum noticeably dripping out of her as she once more sat down on the couch.

„Better?“, Alex asked.

„Better. But no, I’m not done with you yet if you thought that.“

„Neither am I. Sorry I called you a slut.“

She had almost forgotten already and that made her smile as much as the realization that she deserved that insult.

„Sorry I called you weak, with how hard you fucked me that’s just not the right word.“

They both laughed, a bit of the friends they had used to be before preying on each other peaking through again.

„I’ll need a break though. Coffee?“


They made their way into Nate’s and Liz‘ kitchen where she had spent so many hours but now felt like a stranger regardless. The coffee was steaming in front of them without so much as word said, but Alex started enjoying her nakedness now. It was kind of weird that with how good Liz and she knew each other she had never spent a single minute in this house without clothes on since Nate or other friends were usually there as well or just gone for a short time.

Now she sat on one of the kitchen stools and noticed she would have to clean it when she got back up, enjoyed the coffee revitalizing her spirits as much as the slight shiver from the cold air on her naked skin.

Nate sat down opposite to her and smiled wrily. „This has to be the weirdest day in years.“

Alex smiled back and got in closer, resting her elbows on the table between them with her mug at her lips. „Oh really? Which day was weirder?“

„Oh, figure of speech.“

„Nu-uh, I saw that look in your eyes.“

„Uh, I was just thinking of the only time I’ve ever been to a brothel. Different kind of weird, but weird it was.“

With her smile broadening Alex asked: „Well, what’s the difference between fucking a slut and fucking a slut?“

„Would you stop calling yourself that? Makes me, I don’t know…“

„Horny, I bet. You like this as much as I do.“

He shrugged. „Kind of hard to admit. You have a great body and a dirty mind, what’s not to like?“

„Maybe the fact we have to take breaks between fucking. My mind is still horny, it’s my body that needs some rest.“

„I hear you. What’s your record by the way?“

„Number of orgasms in a day? Like five I think, but that was me alone with no one to judge me.“

„Six it is then, I’m already tired thinking about how tired we’ll be by the end of the day.“

„I’ve judged you more like a three-and-then-fall-asleep-standing kind of guy“, Alex scoffed.


„Well, you can prove me wrong whenever you want.“