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The change was drastic, if he hadn’t see the Y he knew go into her bedroom to change he would not have believed it was her coming out of it.
She had ditched her academy issued uniform in favor of black cargo pants and a dark gray top, her already short hair had disappeared under a cap and the right half of her face was hidden behind a faux artifical eye implant.

“Like what you see?”

“I, uh, you look… different.”

“Well, let’s hope so. We don’t want any of my dad’s minions recognize us, do we?”

That was true, even the two weeks since he had moved here and started attending the Police Academy he had caught on to the fact that it was far from advisable to be caught in the bad parts of town – unless they were raiding backalley businesses of questionable legality. He had also not picked Y as one to break too many rules, daughter of the chief of police and all, but apparently there was more than a little bit beneath the surface of the law-abiding model citizen who aced her academy class.

As she turned around to fetch a worn-out backpack full of tags that might or might not have gained the approval of her dad X noticed a string of tattoos on her arm he had not noticed before.

“How do you get away with those?” He asked, pointing at them.

“I don’t, it’s Nano-Ink. Invisible until you run a cute little device over it, takes a couple of minutes but then shows a tattoo of your choice just like a real one would. We can get you one of those if you want, not quite inexpensive though.”

X shrugged, the state-funded allowance each academy recruit got was more than his parents earned combined and there was little they could spend it on. Perks of a scholarship for the elite academy and only a taste of the power and money they would have once they held their badges in hands.

“You know, why not. If you can get away with that I figure the tests can’t be too harsh.”

“That’s the spirit. No chance of being picked up by the way, each has a unique frequency they react to and there are millions, and they don’t check for them to begin with. There are worse ways to break some rules to stay sane.”

“I’m not sure if I would call you sane.”

“Ah, but you like it, don’t you?”

“What’s not to like? I’m just worried how bad the backlash is going to be when playing with fire inevitably ends with getting burned.”

“You’ll quickly learn that it’s easier not to get caught then catching someone. Call it a training excercise or whatever justification you need, but do it on the way because I need to get out of here like right now.”

Just an hour ago X had seen her as a fun chick to hang around with that wasn’t like the egomaniacs. Now he realized he was sliding down a slippery slope with a high probability to not end well, but at the same time he found her strangely irresistible, perfectly aware he was being led around but unwilling to see that as a bad thing.

“Here, you are going to need this.”

She threw him a white helmet and picked a girly pink one that strongly contrasted with the rest of her outfit.

Moments later they were outside in the dimly lit parking lot on the backside of the building and Y led him to a bike he had noticed before because it was one of the sleekest rides he had seen around. Not flashy – all black in fact – but for someone with an eye for bikes it obviously belonged into the ‘dream bike’ category.

“That yours?”


“Damn, that’s one sexy beast.”

“Thanks. And what do you think about the bike?”

X couldn’t resist a short laugh. “Bike’s looking fine, too.”

Y smiled as she turned around and moved the bike out of the parking space. “Then come on, we are going to buy you some wheels of your own, then hit the streets.”

“We are?”

“We are, can’t let all that fine money fall to waste on your bank account.”

X hopped onto the back seat and slung his arms around Y, not a second too early before Y yanked on the throttle and the immense torgue of the silent electric engine propelled them forward.

X had no idea where they were going, not that he saw much other than Y’s shoulders and glimpses of the cars they overtook faster than most people would be able to handle. Not X however, that was probably the one thing he could compete at with Y since races had been part of his life long before he was legally allowed to ride.

A short eternity later Y’s body stiffened up slightly and X could feel from her movements they had arrived and were to stop soon, only now getting the chance to look around properly.

The area looked okayish, not quite the ghetto or bar district but rather industrial and kind of shady. It contrasted with the amount of wealth that was parked on the fenced-in area they had parked in front of, the sign over the gate reading ‘Kool Kustoms’ telling X all he needed to know. This was the place to be to buy some wheels, even though he had no idea what he wanted or what was on offer.

“You are going to like it here.”

“Already. So, I might need your help here, what exactly are we looking for?”

“Some sick wheels that don’t look too flashy, don’t want anyone recognizing your bike on the academy parking lot the day after a race.”

“Huh, I didn’t know we were going to race.”

“What exactly do you think we are buying bikes for?”

“Fair enough.”

“So come on, we’ll talk to Karl.”

“Does he write his name with a ‘K’ as well?”

“You betcha. Who’s that smart guy, Y?”

X’s head swivelled around, he had not seen or heard anyone. The man he looked at was surprisingly unspectacular, neither pink hair nor rings in his nose or fashionable implants. Good thing at least the bikes behind him were living up to expectations.

“That’s X, he needs some wheels. If you like my money you’ll like his.”

“I like everyone’s money, as long as it doesn’t come with someone lecturing me about street legal.”

X smiled, he started to like the guy. “Not a chance, I’m just hear to – how did you put that – buy some sick wheels that don’t look like sick wheels.”

“Ah, that I can do. Okay, follow me.”

They obliged, entering a small paradise of chrome, neon lights on bikes and ceiling and the omnipresent smell of oil. However Karl led them right past all the shiny chrome bikes and to the garage in the back, where X immediately noticed a black bike not unlike the one Y had.

Karl noticed he wasn’t following anymore and stopped to turn around, then smiled. “Not what I wanted to show you, but she’s a beauty as well. But come on, I can do better for you.”

A few feet later they were standing in front of a bike that didn’t look like ‘I can do better’ at all and more like something a dad might buy his daughter because it looked safe enough. Small, nimble and probably not going faster than 60 miles per hour.

“Quite the head-turner”, X smiled, excited to find out what made it so special.

“Not until you reach the finish line before all others. See those wheels?”

X squatted down to look at them, but again saw nothing special.

“What am I looking at?”

“Electro magnetic wheelset. Costs you about ten percent range, but as long as you stick to paved roads you will never lose traction. The little metal flakes they mix with the road compound makes the wheels stick like nothing you’ve ever seen.”

“That… sounds pretty awesome.”

“It does, doesn’t it? Pretty new still and highly experimental. I have exactly three units but only because I’m on a list of beta testers, won’t be available to the public for at least half a year. Work fine though, my guess is they are going to become standard in record time. That let me put some serious powertrain in this little cutie that would normally be wasted, you are going to love it.”

“Sounds awesome. Will I be able to afford it?”

“Since you know Y and she’s my favourite spoiled brat that will actually get some use out of them I can hook you two up with the wheelsets I’m not using myself if you let me read the test data. You pay for the bike and other mods, but get the wheels for free. How’s that sound?”

X smiled but before he could say anything Y intervened. “Almost good enough to forget you just called me a spoiled brat. I’m not spoiled.”

“Sorry, sorry. So if you like this one’s good to go, you two could do a test ride while I install the wheelset on yours.”

“Perfect. Come on, let’s get out of here. I can’t stand this guy.”

Everyone smiled and Y gave Karl her keys. He opened the garage door and X got in the saddle this time, Y on his back seat. To his surprise she started running her hands over his chest.

“By the way, that is how you properly ride bitch on a motorcycle. No need to waste the chance to grab some tit.”

X shook his head in silent disbelief. “Definitely crazy. I’ll try to remember next time.”

“If you remember Monday through Friday know that I WILL kill you.”

Instead of a response X pulled the throttle backwards ever so slightly as advisable with a new bike and was still surprised by just how quick the powertrain propelled them forwards. As soon as he had found the sweet spot between standing still and flying headfirst into a wall he steered the bike out, happy to be on a bike after more than half a year he hadn’t owned one. And what a bike it was, agile yet faster than reasonable and the wheels did indeed stick to the ground unlike anything he had ever seen.

They found a straight stretch of road and reassured by the grip around him tightening X tried to find out just how much power there was in that overkill engine. The blink of an eye and a quarter mile later they knew exactly how much and when X slowly braked and let the bike come to a stop his heart was racing.

They stopped and got off to catch a breath. Taking off his helmet