The silence was almost deafening, even the small camp fire in front of Mona had burned down to the point where the crackling sound was barely audible anymore. The forest had long fallen asleep and the sounds of nocturnal animals were few and far between.
It reminded Mona of her childhood, growing up in an age when a Diskman was the state of the art she had never listened to much music. When she had finished school everyone was suddenly running around with smartphones, ipods were long outdated technologies, and the loud brick phones on the train had been replaced by bluetooth speakers.
Mona hadn’t realized how much she had grown accustomed to the constant noise around here until silence returned and she had to relearn to live with it. For the first year she had actually found herself longing for access to a phone more for music than the other benefits, but there was so little working electronic infrastructure left that even if she had had a phone there would have been no way to get any music onto it.

So she had done the smart thing and learned to live with a world where the only sounds where either animals or danger – often both – and then soon learned to love it again. Without any way to distract herself she had no choice but to be alone with her thoughts and the choices she had made, and Mona found she had managed to come to terms with many she had carried around for years prior.

First and foremost her own sexuality. For such an open-minded society as she had grown up in she had struggled with a surprising amount of self-doubt and lack of confidence. So many wrong things and unnecessary constraints she had never realized until they had become practically invalid, only lingering in the heads of those who had stood under their command for too long.
The first few weeks she had spent in the abanonded parts of the city and out here in the wilderness had allowed her to come to terms with being naked, which sounded weird even to herself looking back now. Sure no one could have stopped her from being naked at least in her own home, but for some reason Mona had always worn clothes if she wasn’t in the shower or taking a bath, hurrying from one uncomfortable set of clothes into a more comfortable one and even when she masturbated it had usually been at night before falling asleep and already under the blanket.

Out here she was making a conscious effort to break self-harming habits like that, and the rough bark digging into her naked skin clearly showed she was succeeding. The summer was on its way out, but it was still more than warm enough to make her sweat all day long so the only shivers Mona felt came from the pleasures her fingers evoked.

Her eyes were following the dancing flames whenever they burst up, her left hand was following the contours of her body and doing as good a job on her nipples as her right hand was further down.
A sigh broke the silence and turned into a moan with the next breath that was cut short by circling motions over sensitive nerve endings. That was another thing, why had she always tried to be silent even when no one was around the house? Mona had no idea, but as she leaned back into the tree she broke that habit as well, allowing each sigh and moan and squeal that wanted to come out to flow freely like her pussy juices already were.

When she opened her eyes for a brief moment she noticed her little campsite was quickly engulfed by the upcoming darkness, limiting her view to the immediate surroundings, her backpack, hunting rifle and the pile of clothes that did such a great job of protecting her during the day.
She closed her eyes again, relishing the knowledge she was safer out here in the wildnerness without walls around her than she could ever be back in the city, solitude being the most powerful security measure at her disposal. She leaned her head against the tree and tried to relax her body, but all her muscles being tensioned and her body shifting under the weight of her fingers made it impossible to keep still or calm.
In fact Mona’s whole body was trembling by now, somehow she had missed the phase between slow, relaxed messing around with herself and full-on fingering herself to an intense orgasm, lost in thought about life and the state of the world.
Thinking felt increasingly hard now and Mona was working purely on instinct, her body overriding her mind and leaving Mona a choiceless, willing puppet with herself on both ends of the strings that made her fingers push deeper into her warm pussy than they were long and spread her legs with the flexibility of the ballet dancer she had never been.
And it wasn’t her voice either that was now squealing and moaning into the darkness, her voice was never that coarse and her inner dictionary contained a lot more than the couple of words she seemed to know now.
Unable to think or speak clearly every nerve in her body suddenly but hardly unexpectedly exploded with pain that was not painful, easing the physical and mental tension that had built up inside her in one blink of an eye and then leaving her muscles in that wonderful floating state between relaxed and unable to tighten if her life depended on it.
Mona sank into the tree and when her vision finally cleared her nakedness and the damage the rough bark had done to her skin came through the fog she was glad for the darkness that prevented all the eyes that weren’t around from seeing how she blushed, scolding herself with that insufferable grin that spoke of adventure and having to pay for it later at the same time.
Mona exhaled deeply and allowed her lungs to fill with fresh air, then collected all her strength to get up and put a couple of twigs on the fire that was short of dying. She spent a moment poking the twigs until the flames started to leak over to the new fuel, then walked over to the pile of clothes to get dressed.

All the desire for nakedness she had felt earlier was now replaced by the longing for the security her clothes offered, so Mona brushed earth and pine needles from her butt and slipped into her worn jeans, fastened the belt and then wrangled her way into shirt and leather jacket before she adjusted the position of her backpack to serve as an incredibly uncomfortable pillow, gripped her rifle and fell asleep watching the dancing flames of the fire that would fall asleep long before the rising sun would wake her up again.

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