Most people Sarah knew were constantly lamenting their fate since the collapse but for her everything had gotten a hundred times better. Eight hours less in front of desk, no idiot colleagues unless she teamed up with other scavengers who then were actually good at their job because if you weren’t you didn’t make it home.

Today she was all alone though, just her trusted, rusted rifle and her backpack full of goods accompanying her on the long way home. She had spent a little too long setting foot after foot on her way out and now she wasn’t going to make it back in time. Not by a long shot, it had paid off in great loot but it also meant she had to find a place to hunker down for the night – and better find it fast because the sun was already setting.

Luckily summer was still on its way out and she wouldn’t have to deal with staying warm when lighting a fire was a surefire way to get herself killed. It sure had gotten a little colder lately, but nothing a warm sweater and a bit of toughing it out wouldn’t be able to handle, with a bit of luck she would even get to enjoy a nightly rain shower with rain drops playing their music on a hopefully still intact window.

That was probably one of her favourite aspects of the collapse,  within reason she could just walk into any house, any old factory or apartment complex and claim it hers for the night. Worst coming to worst she would be killed in her sleep, but she didn’t have to fear someone calling the police on her and ending up in a jail cell somewhere.

The old museum just opposite the Catholic church looked as good as any other place, plus no sane person had set foot into it even when it was still open. Now it was even more worthless, who would search for interesting loot in a place that displayed old paintings and bronze figurines of fat ladies?

And then she would get to enjoy the eerie event of the midnight church bells. In a city that had gotten so silent that any noise meant danger the fully autonomous church bells were a truly strange sensation. Before the collapse no one had noticed or cared, but apparently the bells operated on a fully autonomous solar powered system that was completely maintenance free and still worked as the day it had been installed. Probably would continue to do so until the batteries eventually gave out.

As she had expected there was not a single footprint in the thick dust on the museum’s floor and she enjoyed the feeling of exploring a place no one else had set foot into for years. It reminded her of the strange fascination she had always felt for lost places, aimlessly wandering around them for hours without getting bored.

This time however she knew exactly where she wanted to go, the highest room furthest from the entrance to ensure she had ample time should she hear any movement throughout the night. Better safe than dead, not that she expected any trouble in this part of the city that was generally empty. Other parts saw more fighting, were richer in resources to people who lacked the skill or supplies to venture further. The streets around her had mostly housed tourist attractions and demand for cute framed pictures and keyring tags had inexplicably plummeted in the past years.

She found a nice enough side room that had a single door leading into it, a single window leading out of it in case she needed to escape and not much else apart from that. The door was quickly blocked with a chair from another room and then she was safe, as safe as she would be until she reached the questionable safety of the apartment complex her group called home these days.

Not that she cared much for the majority of its inhabitants, until one reached the higher floors it was all a mass of the same lazy assholes who expected others to feed them as when she still roamed office floors without a gun by her side.

Sarah let herself sink into the corner opposite the door, her backpack more comfortable than the softest pillow could have been because unlike the latter it offered protection from more than just tiredness. She put the gun next to her, pulled out one of the books she had stuffed into her pack along the way and flicked through the pages without much actual interest or focus. There had been times in her life when she had spent every waking hour reading, but now that she had the time and access to all the books she could want she noticed she liked collecting them more than actually reading anything she found.

Plus the books made great stuffers to trade back at base, somehow everyone else seemed to prefer books to food and even the most obscure book about Russian occultism in space during the nineteenth century would have found a thankful buyer.

It wasn’t long before Sarah realized she was only dragging out the inevitable. With a slight sigh that was part annoyed, part inner smile she put the book down by her left, snapping her pants button open and pushing them down to her ankles before the book had hit the ground. Probably the only thing she hated about all the freedom was how it made her horny all the time. Back in the day she had had excuses, making it a special event when she snuck away to the ladies‘ room for a rare masturbation break at work, but now there was literally nothing stopping her from sticking fingers into herself at any moment of the day.

Not even the people at the base were a true deterrent now that Sarah thought about it, she couldn’t have cared less about the opinion of the bottom feeders and the scavengers would have put up an understanding smile. Maybe she would try that tomorrow, just walk into the lower hall where everyone liked to gather and furiously finger herself.

The thought made her chuckle, it was funny how little actually stopped her from following through with that weird spur of the moment thought.

But for now she was all alone, just her fingers exploring known paths in all new ways. One of the greatest mysteries in life was how doing the same thing she had been doing for years could feel different, new and exciting each and every time. Not that she was complaining, it was one of the few things keeping her sane, together with pulling the trigger of her rifle and the taste of beer.

With all civilized activities a thing of the past Sarah had zero regrets satisfying primal instincts whenever she felt like it. Life had always favored carnivorous animals and now it was finally her time to grit her teeth and sharpen her claws on the skulls of her enemies.

Images flashed through her head, the many times she had made it out of grave danger, the struggle to survive and feed herself before she had acquired the rifle, found the group and learned that killing was much more fun than dying or begging for her life.

Now she was well fed and wet, her fingers sliding in and out of her effortlessly. Annoying when all she wanted was the friction to cum quickly to clear her mind so she picked up her pace, her left hand meandering over her skin until it reached her breasts under her shirt.

Her nipples were so hard and it felt as if they were soon to burst, each touch of her fingers sending the shivers she needed so much over her body in waves that correlated with the ones the nerves in her pussy sent upward.

As much as she had herself to blame for it the orgasm came way too fast, rolling through her muscles and nerves even though both her mind and body still wanted more. With just a brief pause that her fingers spent running over the inside of her leg Sarah was right back at it, her fingertips circling around her pussy lips before they dove back into the warm wet darkness.

She spread her fingers out, twisted them and found herself on her knees without knowing she even had changed her position. With her legs spread out she stuffed her fingers as deep inside her as she could, annoyed it wasn’t possible to go deeper.

A look to the side and another annoyed sigh later she had found her salvation and a moment later her pussy was grinding the butt of her rifle, the smooth but slightly textured wood finally offering friction until she came with a whimper just as pathetic as she felt as her legs started shaking and her balance wavered.

When some sense returned into her she couldn’t help but chuckle as she sunk back and quickly pulled up her pants, eager to hide from her own dirty mind.

Unwilling to put too much thought into anything she shook her head, then closed her eyes and forced herself to enjoy the void of thoughts, careful not to fill it with new ones.



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