Hey everyone, first off let me thank all of you people who keep visiting, it’s so great to see my stuff gets read and liked <3

I write this post because I’ve made a bunch of changes over the past month. The site has gotten a visual and layout overhaul, I think it looks better now with the sidebar to the right and a few other slight changes.

I’ve also finally created a Tumblr blog which I should have done much sooner, if you need an easy way to follow me for new releases following the Tumblr blog is just that.

For all the people without Tumblr accounts I have also created a mailing list you can sign up to, you should see a small signup form slide in from the bottom right. In case that doesn’t work for some reason here’s the link: SIGNUP

I’m still searching for a proper comment plugin, it seems disqurs and other industry favorites all have become paid or suck in other ways. As soon as I figure that one out you’ll get to see a proper comment field at the bottom of each post, I’d love to hear what you think 🙂

But wait, there is more!

I have stepped up my game and registered to ALL THE SITES I possibly could.

I have a Patreon site (and even my first subscriber, thanks so much!) now, early access to all my stories for a meagre monthly sum.

Since Amazon is a bit picky in what kind of content they allow I have tried other sites in case you want to support me by buying a story or two even though you can read them here for free.

Concerning new stories and projects I have been quite busy as well, I’m currently working on like 20 projects at the same time that are all growing slowly. The main one I’m quite excited about is a multi-chapter Noir Crime Erotica mashup that is slowly nearing the stage where I can publish a few excerpts. Right now I have about 15 chapters mapped out and finished a couple, but it’s a bit chaotic and not chronological and I’ll have to bring it into form before you’ll get to read it. I will most likely publish that one as one of the main attractions on the site, with early access to patreons and probably monthly chapters on the site that are lagging a bit behind.

I hope you keep coming and enjoying the stories, let me know what you think! (as soon as I figure out the damn comment system)

See ya!