Exhausted, nothing else could describe Lauren’s state better. The day had been harder and longer than any man she had ever had – and she felt screwed harder than any of them had ever made her feel. Overtime, never-ending meetings and phone calls from downright idiotic colleagues who couldn’t have intelligence slapped into them – and god knew they deserved some slapping.

The workout had done its part to add to her exhaustion, draining her muscles of all their energy but failing to refresh her spirits as it usually did. Her arms were burning, her face was pressed down on the gym mat and her unwillingness to get up was only surpassed by her inability to do so. Despite the burning pain in every muscle Lauren had long learned to appreciate push-ups, they were real, honest work instead of the mindless, stupid shit she did all day. And it gave her a sense of accomplishment, something the – admittedly decently paid – office work had never managed in close to a decade.

With a sigh Lauren rolled over, painfully missing something to rest her head on, her arm an insufficient substitute for that comfy pillow that lay just a couple of feet away on her bed. She wanted it so badly, but it was out of reach and for a small eternity it drove Lauren mad that she could not get her hands on it. More than anything it was the lack of control over her own body that drove her insane. She turned and twisted her fingers, making a fist and relaxing it again because it took the least energy and effort, but also to occupy her mind.

A moment later Lauren realized it was indeed working, that her mind was occupied and so were her fingers that ever so slowly crept down her stomach, down to her thighs where they slipped under her sweatpants without much thought or premeditation. They were just there, where they belonged but it felt weird how her mind was still catching up to her body, only now filling her head with naughty thoughts when her fingers were already teasing her lips, slowly gliding into her and sighs were escaping her lips.

Despite getting easily bored of anything she faced during the day, no matter how new and fresh it might have once seemed Lauren failed to get bored of those short breaks from the monotony, there was just something indescribable about the beautiful naughtiness of throwing morals into the wind and taking care of her body’s needs.

Impatience mixed with the exhaustion, it felt like a month since her last orgasm and Lauren became increasingly pissed off about the lack of speed. A familiar feeling after hours of listening to people in desperate need of communication classes – or basic knowledge on Powerpoint for that matter. At least now she had it in her hands to speed things up.

Her pussy was wet, sticky and hungry for more, but her exhausted fingers and arms failed to live up to her expectations of them, forcing her to go slow when all she wanted was to hasten her pace. An annoyed sigh escaped her lips, the anger finally putting some strength back into her that she made sure to divert to the right places immediately. Her left hand crept up under her shirt and kneaded her nipples, hard as they were each touch forced a little more air out of her lungs.

The orgasm rose up slowly – annoyingly so and then it stopped its advance mere inches away from the abyss, her body asking itself if it was really worth it to take the final step. Lauren felt a tear rise to the corner of her eye, followed by a shockingly abrupt tension befalling her whole body, starting in her stomach and spreading out to her limps before it releases in an explosion wave of pure pleasure. Her legs began to shiver and her toes seemed to curl upwards, every muscle stretching to its extreme before a strange peace came over her, washing away all strain and stress the day had built up.

With her breath slowing down Lauren stared at the ceiling, now feeling the hard ground twice as much as before. Her strength returned and she sat up, wiping her fingers on her pants and the smile off her face before she got up, just long enough to fall down on her bed where the pillow welcomed her.


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