There were more varieties of masturbating than Nelly had fingers on her hand. From the rushed moment stolen from the harsh life in the ruins over overstimulation of all erogenous zones with the help of toys to the lazy afternoon masturbation she was enjoying now.
The wall of the watchtower felt a bit coarse and the window sill dug into her neck while her fingers lazily circled around her clit, but they were only mild annoyances in an otherwise relaxed night.

She was in no hurry and had hours to spare with nothing to do other than throwing the occasional glance through the light enhancing binoculars the last pour soul on guard duty had left when the prisoners had escaped and he likely had other problems.

Most men in their small community hated guard duty with every fibre, but Nelly loved the silence and solitude that was so unlike the busy life back down, or the busy life in the streets for that matter. Sure it was boring, but the difference between men and women was simply that she could spend an hour masturbating slowly instead of jerking her dick like crazy and coming in less than ten minutes only to be bored for the remainder of her shift.

Nelly had left her clothes on for the most part to counter the chilly air of a late summer night, her only concession to her pleasure craving body being the open belt and zipper of her jeans that had as many holes as the wire mesh fence that did all the work to keep the undead at bay.
Everything looked calm in the dim green light, another night of another week.

She had been out earlier to scavenge for supplies, a swift trip with one of the three electric dirt bikes that were as fast as silent with the downside that it took a week to charge them up with what little electric infrastructure they had been able to build.

Everything had gone smoothly with a small exception when one of those annoying walking corpses had come within inches of catching on to her leg, but she had avoided it in the last second and brought home a great deal of canned food and a couple of books she had found in the back of a supermarket that had been all but hunted out.

It always felt great to return into the safety of the old prison even though she craved solitude the second she set foot in the main hall that could let one forget anything had changed at all. She didn’t care for all the drama or even most of the people, but the place offered safety whenever she needed it to sleep for a couple days and see some friendly faces. And it was hard to deny that a couple of those faces had turned into friends over time, replacing the fading faces of once loved ones and giving her reasons to continue fighting the good fight.

Before Nelly had joined the then small group that now made up the inner circle of a much larger group she had found that it was easier to supply herself with everything she needed than it was to find a reason to get out of bed in the morning to face another day in a world so hostile, worthless and filled with pain.

There had been people who took the easy way and their own lives, and Nelly had floated on the same brink between empty life and a quick death for longer than she cared to admit before she had come to the realization that that feeling would never leave her again and she had the choice of living with or giving in to it.
In the dwindling light Nelly saw the beauty of life clearer than it was possible at day, the crass light and shadows replaced by a twilight of hopes and despair, painful memories and dreams that had become broken before they had a chance to mature.

Nelly could understand how people broke from gazing into the abyss of life and finding it empty, but to her it was more like enjoying an old whiskey.
The taste was bitter and smoky and she knew that the moment the bottle was opened it would start to evaporate, so she could either drink it before it fully disappeared or watch it floating away in the cold air and wondering how it might have tasted.

Well, Nelly had taken a sip of life and found she liked the smell of anticipation with the harsh, almost painful taste and the bitter aftermath it left on her tongue, and then she had become sort of addicted, unable to get enough of this dark and promising allure.

Nelly noticed it was probably time again to glance out into the darkness and look for dangers that werent there, but found herself unable to bring her hand out of her pants to do so. She felt the fabric roughing up her knuckles while her fingers touched the warm wet skin, twisted the hair between her fingers and took the occasional dive into her pussy.
Nelly allowed herself the luxury of disregarding the urge to pick up the binoculars by her feet that was as annoying as the blinking smartphones had been.

„Oh, so the guys were right after all.“

Nelly’s head rocked back to the stairs to her right, then let her head fall back against the backrest and breaking out in an embarrassed laughter as she saw her fellow scavengerY standing there, watching with a broad smile on her face.
„Fuck, I didn’t hear you coming for shit you sneaky cunt. I bet you did that on purpose, didn’t you?“

Lindsay’s laughter mimicked her own, but with more friendly snark than embarrassment to it.
„Guilty as charged, I heard some of the guys joking they knew why you volunteer for guard duty all the time and wanted to check if there wasn’t a little truth to that legend.“

Nelly noticed she still hadn’t pulled out her hand in a futile attempt to hide her actions, then looked back at Lindsay who was still standing on top of the stairs, leaned against the railing.

„And are you going to tell them?“

„Why would I? They are better off joking around and not knowing the truth, lest their heads implode. You know how they are, simple and naive.
No, I came up to see if you cared for one of the two beers I stole out of the fridge, and to take the burden of watching out into the darkness for a while if you wanted, but you seem to have no problem with the latter.“

Nelly cocked her head, smiled and then finally took out her wet hand to wave Lindsay into the small space. Lindsay walked up to railing running around the tower and used the ledge to crack the dark bottles open, then handed one of them to Nelly and sat down with her back against the railing, her elbows resting on her knees.

They wordlessly lifted the bottles into the air before taking a sip, the strong dark beer running down Nelly’s throat with refreshing cold and a taste she was never able to describe well.
Maybe mature was a good word, it was a taste she hadn’t like for a long time before it had suddenly become her favorite beer when she turned a bit older and prosecco and sweet fruit wine had lost their appeal.

She took another sip while she thought of possible conversation, but all the stories either of them would tell to entertain those who never dared go out themselves would sound as shallow as they were when shared with someone who had been out there.
That cut out ninety percent of what Nelly was able to talk about anymore, and the smile Lindsay was trying to hide by pressing the bottle against her lips told her she was not alone.

„So, since I can’t come up with anything to talk about: Did you catch any of the drama that’s always going on down there?“

„Mh-hm, totally. You can’t believe how much shit I heard just in the past hour, but I think I forgot more than I learned. Just won’t shut up, even if you were to put a gun to their heads.“

„I trust you base that statement on experience?“ Nelly was surprised how well this half hearted conversation flowed despite the fact they both knew they were just passing time until they figured out what to talk about.

„Hah, I keep thinking about it, but my fear is that they are like Medusa and only grow more talking heads if I let one of them explode.“

That made Nelly chuckle, it had been a while since someone around her had pulled references to ancient greek mythology out of their hats. So long that it took her a second before the memory fragments assembled into a full picture of all those stories she had found surprisingly interesting back when she had read them for school.

„Imagine being tied to the mast so you can listen to their voices while everyone else has their ears plugged, only that the ship never moves.“

„Urgh, I’m really close to jumping off the ship when I hear them talk, but certainly not to swim closer.“

„Yeah, as much as I need the occasional human contact they always remind me why I love solitude so much.“

Lindsay lifted her bottle in appreciation of finding a common ground for inside jokes in the weirdest of places, then took another sip and stared holes into the ceiling with a distant smile that told Nelly she was drifting around in memories long forgotten, her facial expressions changing ever so slightly to adapt to the happy, embarrassing and painful ones.

„A penny for your thoughts“, Nelly interrupted her, provoking a smile you get from a person waking up from a good dream, as well as the short silence during which she assembled her thoughts into words.

„If I knew I would tell you, I got really lost there for a second. I think I started thinking about what led to me sitting on this tower, and then my mind went everywhere at once.“

Nelly smiled, she knew that all too well.
„I keep wondering that myself, but I honestly think I’m better off now than I ever was when society was still intact at first glance.“

„That’s not too hard, I hated my time in school with all the morons, then started working with idiots for little pay and without doing anything to better society, but I feel we now lead lives that actually matter.“

„My time in school was pretty okay, but I can relate. Can’t compare a day in the office to this kind of freedom.“

„Hm-hm. By the way, I really didn’t mean to disturb you, feel free to continue your guard duty.“

That put a grin on their faces and Nelly cocked her head slightly.
„That’s too nice, but only if you watch the outside for a bit like you offered.“

„Okay, I’m on it!“ But Lindsay didn’t move one bit, still leaned against the railing and smiling into her bottle.

Nelly chuckled. „You are looking into the wrong direction.“

„Oh I don’t know about that, I see a pretty shady chick there right in front of me, I better keep an eye on her.“

Nelly grinned again. „You madam have a dirty mind.“

A shrug and a faked innocent smile. „Sometimes I do, yes.“

„Argh, fine. But not alone.“

„Thought you would never ask.“


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