Inktober Day 11 – Cruel

Mira still could not believe it, her mind was overflowing with anger, insanity and pure, unfiltered hatred. At her best friend Anne for talking her into this, at herself for following through and most importantly at Adrian for being so damn good at this.

It had all started so simple, a girls’ night with Anne where they had inevitably gotten to talk about men, sex and how boring both had become over the years. Then Anne had pulled a card out of her sleeve, telling Mira about a guy she knew who was neither.

He’s really good, she had said, I promise you won’t regret it. Well, maybe a little.

That should have told Mira all she needed to know and stay away from Adrian, but it had sounded just enticing enough to keep thinking about it in the week to come. Another harsh week, another boring blind date going nowhere later she had been forced to admit that she could not stop thinking about a guy she would regret just a little.

Anne had chuckled, grinned, laughed when Mira had stood on her doorstep to learn more, invited her in for some tea and real talk.

He’s not your average guy busting a nut before he’s really inside you, trust me when I say you will lose your patience long before he does. And you won’t have another choice, he’ll tie you up to his bed and spend hours on you, and I mean hours.

Hours? As if, the only time she had ever spent more than an hour in bed with a guy had involved three cumshots and a dick that was more soft than hard the second and third time.

I can introduce you anytime, just give me the word.

Why, just why had Anne done that to her? And worse: Why had Mira accepted? It had been a stupid idea, from the moment Anne had picked up the phone over him denying the request until she had literally begged him – a stranger Mira had never met before – to ‘take care of her like you did of me’. How she had had a whole three days to reconsider and how again Anne had talked her into following through.

But she had walked up the stairs to his fancy apartment, a century-old building downtown that had once appealed to the city’s elites and still looked the part with everything made from hardwood, brass and even god damned marble.

It only became worse when the man opening the door seemed to be the organic version of the house, everything from his glasses over the suit right down to his expensive leather shoes looking carefully chosen. As he had let her inside she had seen his collection of watches, five in total on display that moved slightly in their holders. Four of them looked as if they were called chronographs rather than watches, but the fifth was obviously a watch he had been given by someone decades ago to show everyone he had come from less than stellar origins. It was well-worn, probably had looked cheap even when it had still been new and somehow she would keep thinking about it several times in the following hours.

Take a look around if you like while I prepare something to drink.

An aura of strength had seemed to surround him, he had not even asked her what she wanted and just returned with a glass of rum in each hand moments later. Mira had indeed looked around his apartment, breathing the atmosphere of wealth that lingered in the room. It was just one large room right under the roof, unfinished brick walls and industrial furniture giving the place a cozy, albeit minimalist atmosphere.

Nothing was excessive or crass but instead selected and serving a purpose. He had a small selection of books on dark wooden shelves, mostly business related books with some philosophy and self-betterment thrown into the mix. The art of war, Kant, assuming he was not one of the people displaying books they never read this man sure was well-read.
The couch was made from black leather, accompanied by a steel and glass table that was clean apart from a glass of water and another half-read book, the history of sabotage and resistance during the second World War. The open kitchen was the only component that seemed more for display than use, not a speck of dirt or any signs it had ever been cooked in. That went along with the smell, all Mira’s nose picked up was the faint smell of oiled wood and fresh air.

The bar however was much better equipped, another carefully selected component to this man’s life. Two of each, one expensive and one more expensive but none missing more than a third. He was not a heavy drinker, probably just used it to settle down after a long day of work or ease the nerves of the women who came to his house to be fucked.

The rum had tasted strong, but surprisingly good even though Mira rarely drank anything stronger than the occasional dark beer. And it had indeed calmed her nerves, a good way to balance how everything else had seemed to challenge her mind. She was not used to this world, but just like the alcohol it had felt unfamiliar without being threatening or disgusting.

He had sat her down on the couch, taking place on the matching seat next to it. She had noticed the distance he had established between them and thought it odd considering she had come fully intent on getting naked within minutes of entering.

So, Anne tells me you struggle with meeting men lately.

Mira had not really had any idea what she was expected to say so she had just nodded, taking another small sip. It hadn’t been exactly how she would have put it, but then telling him how she felt bored of most would have sounded more arrogant than she really felt.

I can help you with that, he had said with a slight smile, the first time he showed some emotion. I rely on the power of cuffs, they are the only way to ensure you won’t be able to come until I allow you to. If that is okay with you the bed is over there, you can start undressing anytime you feel like it.

That had been weirder than anything Mira had ever encountered before, most of all she had found it confusing how he seemed to have such impressive composure. Every man she had ever slept with had been excited to see her naked, touch her and could hardly wait until she had pulled her panties off before slipping his dick into her but he had this annoying whatever-attitude that was driving her crazy. Yes, she wanted to get naked, get fucked until she could not come anymore but at the same time he seemed to tease her to the point where giving in seemed like an admission of guilt in court. He was the judge and she could feel his impartial judgement floating over her head like a sword on a hair, uncaring of who she was exactly.

For a few more moments she had tried to make conversation, asking him about the book he was reading and he had played along, telling her how studying sabotage tactics could teach a lot about widening one’s horizon. He had even quoted a couple interesting factoids, how a Frenchman had built potent air guns out of bicycle parts when he could not get his hands on regular firearms, how the Brits had transmitted whole football games between completely fictional battalions to trick the Germans into diverting troops to empty areas. Until that point she had cared little about the War, but he had something about his voice that could make people listen, a skill all her teachers and professors had lacked.

But enough had been enough, she had not come to listen to a history lesson if she was honest with herself. And so she had stood up, strangely at ease with the thought of undressing in front of a man she had known for all of twenty minutes. But with Anne’s recommendation on her mind it had seemed like she knew him just well enough and so she had took off her shirt, slipped out of her skirt and stood in front of him all naked in a matter of seconds. He looked at her, motioned her to turn around and after she had swirled around once he gave her a smile.

You have a great body, you can be proud of that.

Mira had thought he sounded a tiny bit clinical in his assessment, but now in retrospect she found methodical to fit much better. She had smiled back and he had come closer, his hand on her arm guiding her down. The bed had felt amazing, there was something special about overlooking this large room and something weirdly enticing about the lack of walls that made it feel like she was naked in a public place.

A moment later Adrian had pulled a box out from under it and before she really knew it Mira had found her wrists locked in pink and fluffy but unforgiving cuffs. It had frightened her a bit, but just like tip-toeing into an ice cold lake it had made her nipples harder than she cared to admit. The rope was long enough to allow her some movement, but not enough to reach down to her pussy. She might have been able to reach to her nipples and play with them, but only with a certain amount of acrobatics involved and Adrian had been quick to take her mind off that question as he neared her lips.

Mira’s head had gone up trying to find his lips, but he had drawn her with him as he retracted and when she realized he was just toying with her it had already been too late. His smile had turned into a grin and Mira had found herself blush against better knowledge, she hated being a playball on the waves, but then what choice did she have anymore? Instead of her lips he had started kissing her neck, her breasts and her stomach that all shivered under the soft touches.

Her body had adapted quick, to his touches, the faint tease of the feather he had brought out almost nonchalantly and to the darkness when he had put a sleeping mask over her eyes. She was his, her body all but begging for more and for a while he had done just that, touch her in places she did not expect. Her nipples had been so hard just the touch of the feather had brought her to the brink of coming right there and then, but without pushing her over.

He had touched her pussy just a couple of times, brief touches that seemed to say ‘I haven’t forgotten you’ more than they were meant to bring her closer to coming. Her legs had shivered, her body bent under even the faintest of touches and she had wanted to beg him, beg him to slip his fingers into her but no word had come over her lips. But then her moans, long sighs and whispered nonsensical words had told him all he needed to know, that she was ready to come.

And so he had done the unspeakable and neither her mind nor body could handle the sudden withdrawal of all outside influences. He was just gone, no feather, no fingers, certainly no lips or tongue. Just a void, and the ghost pain of touches lingering behind, tricking her mind into believing they were there when clearly neither were they nor him.

She wanted to complain, yell at him, tell him what an asshole he was but nothing came over her lips. Not a word, even as her breath slowed slightly she could not speak, not even a whisper. Instead she felt a tear run down her cheek, painfully slow and tickling.

She had so many questions, from why and how he could be so cruel to the more pressing of why Anne had recommended Adrian in the first place. She had obviously been in the same boat, the same position and Mira could just not fathom the betrayal of her best friend.

But before she could find the words to express her pure, unfiltered hatred she heard him move, apparently pouring another drink from the bar. No – two drinks. Damn it, she did not want another drink, she wanted him to fuck her.

He did not come back though, instead her ears picked the sound of his steps up and it almost felt as if he was headed for the door. No, he definitely was, what the fuck? If Adrian intended to leave her there to steam Mira knew she was going to kill him the moment she had her hands free, and deep down in her heart she knew it was no joke.

But no, things got even worse. He did open the door, but Mira could immediately tell there was a third person in the room now, entering before kicking their shoes into a corner by the door. Again, what the fuck? Had he really just let someone else inside to see her all naked, bound to the bed and unable to do anything, or even see who that was?

He had. A woman, even though Mira could not quite make out why she thought that. Maybe the steps, maybe a hint of perfume but she wasn’t able to tell reality from hallucination anymore. She had to be dreaming all of this, the sounds of someone undressing and the feeling of clothes hitting her body. It was so outlandish to think any of that could happen – or that it would happen in almost perfect silence – but then she could definitely feel a set of panties and part of a shirt on her exposed, hungry skin.

A moment later the noises finally set in, audible kisses and moans, a smack on a buttcheek and soon enough literal fucking noises. Mira could not even begin to understand the situation, but it was clear that the two were going at it on the couch mere feet away from her, the groans and moans brutally loud to her overstimulated senses.

And then it all moved closer, the mattress succumbing to the weight of two more people, the feet reducing to inches and then even that was overcome as slender fingers ran over her stomach, lazily teasing her as the rhythm got faster and the moans more frequent. The woman was coming, Mira could feel it in the lack of strength in the fingers that still lay on her stomach, all but slipping down one second and then tensing up the next until they went limb again.

The weight shifted again and Mira felt Adrian’s leg go over her as he straddled her and then a second later the woman had recovered enough to start stroking his dick, he movements reverberating through mattress, hands and bodies. It did not take long before a thick, hot and sticky load of cum splattered her stomach, a massive load followed by spurts of cum hitting up to her breasts.

And then, while Mira was still contemplating the choices that had led her to this point the slender fingers moved up to her neck, lips pressing down hard on hers and Mira hungrily accepted them as water to a thirsty man in the desert. Between the second and third long kiss the woman’s fingers moved up to her ears, slowly pushing off the mask and as Mira’s eyes adjusted to the light she saw what she had long feared: Anne on top of her with a grin so solidly in the middle between sheepish and devilish that Mira could not even be angry at her.

“Oh god, I knew it.”

Anne’s smile widened and she brushed her fingers through Mira’s hair, pressing another short kiss on her lips. They had never kissed each other before – not like that – but Mira had to admit she had thought about it more than just once anyway. It was so weird, nothing had gone according to plan, her best friend had tricked her much harder than Adrian had fucked her and yet all she wanted was more of it.

“You, my dear will pay for this.”

“Oh I fully expect to make up for this, but don’t tell me it wasn’t more exciting than that insurance guy.”

Mira shook her head as Anne and Adrian opened the cuffs. “No, definitely not boring. I hate you both, but it was not boring.”

Adrian nodded, now a much more humane smile on his lips. So he did actually feel emotions, good to know.

“Good”, he said, “because this arrangement is a pay-it-forward kind of deal.”



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