What was one supposed to do if there was nothing left to do?

Laura had gotten so used to the omnipresent danger, the running and fighting that she thought she had forgotten how to relax. Back in the city they had barely had a day without any incidents, narrow escapes from police raids and she had been on constant alert. Then she had thought she hated it but now that it was over – at least for the time being – she wondered if she could ever return to a normal lifestyle.

Not that it was bad to safely lay low for a while – not with one of the mosts beautiful lake cabins as her hideout – just… out of her comfort zone.

The cabins were safe, remote and since they had never been connected to the network the government would never even know of their existence unless they sent someone personally, which was more than unlikely seeing they were still 110% occupied with damage control.

She had woken up a mere hour ago and despite everything being super beautiful she was already bored. The nights she had spent in empty apartments hoping she would wake up and still be alive had been just as silent and solitary, but then she had had a purpose.

Well, maybe her purpose was to catch a breath for a change, enjoy the rising sun and slightly chilly air.

A cup of coffee on the porch sounded like a great start, feet dangling into the water until it became too cold. And why exactly was she wearing clothes? Instinct had made her put on her jeans, the equally comfy and nondescript black sweater and even her pistol belt, but then she needed none of that out here, right?

Moments later she looked down upon her naked body with a smile and relaxation finally began to set in. With the slowest of paces she walked over to the large window that offered an amazing view on the lake, the rising sun and the trees in the distance.

Using her coffee as protection from the chilly morning air Laura went outside to dip her toes in, maybe take an early morning swim before the others would wake up. Or maybe not, the water was definitely a couple hundred degrees away from being warm.

Instead she used the glass window as a backrest, her elbows resting on her knees and her fingers turning the mug around to keep her fingers moving. She had always had problems keeping her fingers still, it drove her crazy to just sit or lie without moving.

The coffee tasted especially great, probably because it was one of the decent but cheap blends that the city’s rich and poor scoffed at equally in their mutual ignorance.

For a moment Laura wondered why virtually nobody moved out here and instead even the poorest of the poor who had less than nothing to lose preferred to stay in the cities‘ lower levels where the sun never shone and the only natural thing they ever noticed was the rain pulling all the dirt down from the upper levels. Yet just in her view there was enough space for hundreds of people, but humanity had apparently forgotten about the vast empty areas surrounding the cities.

Smoke was rising from the hut on the other side of the lake where the tech squad slaved away on the data exports they had stolen, working in shifts in preparation of their return. Laura envied them a little because they still had work to do, but ever so slowly her body and mind had started to adjust and calm down. Another sip of coffee eased the shivers running over her naked skin and she decided to move back into the questionable warmth of a house heated by a stove that hadn’t run for hours.

„Jesus, Laura, you can’t walk around all naked here or you’ll blind us poor souls.“

Laura hadn’t heard anyone enter the room and above all else that told her she had finally arrived in a vacation state of mind. She turned her head without moving away from the window and smiled over to Alex who shouldn’t have been talking with his whole dress consisting of a pair of checkered boxers.

„Come on, you act as if you’ve never seen a naked chick.“

„Chicks yes, but nothing as good looking as you.“

„Stop it, you’re making me blush. There’s some coffee left if you like.“

„Uh, sure. Not quite what I had on mind right now but I guess coffee’s fine, too.“

Laura chuckled and turned back to the window, enjoying herself and being naked around one of the few people she trusted She listened to Alex pouring coffee into his mug and a second later he stood next to her, gazing out onto the water as much as her body.

Chuckling again she turned around to look at him, or maybe to tease him a little with a better sight of her breasts.

„Hey, my eyes are up here. Manners!“

He laughed and shook his head. „Sorry, sorry. You aren’t making it easy, but then you know that and you love it because it brings some fun to the table. I bet you are already bored to death, eh?“

„Know me all too well. When can we go back again?“

„Weeks, months? Depends on the poor souls across the lake really, not much we can do to speed things up.“


He turned away from the window, making a conscious effort to look into her eyes.

„You know, normal people would love to spend a free vacation in this beautiful place.“

„Yeah well, I’m not normal people and neither are you. If we were you’d work in the factories and ask how high if sector security asked you to jump.“

„True. So, what’s your plan to survive the time?“

„I was thinking havoc, maybe some chaos and certainly a good amount of fireworks.“

Another plan began to grow inside her head and part of her wondered why she hadn’t come up with it earlier.

„Yeah, that’s just like you, always ignoring the simpler of two options.“ He avoided looking at her but she had caught what he had meant. She put down her mug, realizing she wanted him just as much as he wanted her. After all, what skewed sense of morals allowed them to commit crimes together, even kill people but not get naked and sleep with each other?

„Yeah, I was thinking of having someone fuck my brains out, but sadly it’s incredibly hard to find a man who’s up to the job.“

Alex shook his head and smiled over her lady-like choice of words, then nodded over to the couch. „You know, I bet this poor couch has never seen any fucking. I feel like we should change that.“

Laura noticed Alex’s dick had grown to decent size in his boxers. Never a bad thing, and one she hoped to exploit. Couch be it then. She made it there first but before she could lie down Alex caught up with her, grabbed and turned her around for a quick kiss, more an alibi kiss because neither of them had any interest in slow or romantic in that moment.

Laura had little on her mind and that one thing was far from little as she discovered when she pulled off his boxers. Since she was already almost on her knees she pressed a quick kiss on the tip of his dick, but before she could even take it into her mouth Alex pulled her up, then put her down on the couch and was on top of her before she really knew what had happened.

Without using his hands he got his dick into position and the moment Laura felt the tip in the right position she pushed her hips up, guiding him into her wet pussy. Even though she knew exactly what was going to happen it still surprised her just how big, hard and deep inside her Alex was in half the time she had expected.

Going easy on her was luckily not on his mind and he went from zero to a full power in an instant, then turned the dial to eleven and fucked her with a ferocity she hadn’t expected and could hardly handle. Words were coming over her lips that sounded unintelligible even to herself and her hands locked around his hips, trying to push him even deeper. As if he needed the encouragement.

Fractions of thoughts were spinning around in her mind, from embarrasing moments over shots she had fired to a million other unrelated thing that all were part of who she was and how she had ended up on this very couch, being fucked by a man she had trusted with worse than handling a chick in need.

Their eyes met for a second, but Laura couldn’t hold his gaze as her vision was constantly blurring, her eyes alternating between fixating on his face and the ceiling and her mouth alternating between trying to grasp air and begging him to fuck her harder.

She felt her arms become weak and slowly slide off his hips and when she tried to refasten her grip the change in position correlated perfectly with his thrust and she felt it was just a matter of seconds and about half a thrust before she would come.

„Fuck, I…fuck…“ was all she managed to come up with but he understood her regardless and put his hand around her neck to force her to look as deep into his eyes as his dick was inside her, forcing her to gaze into the abyss and she got lost in his eyes that stared right into her soul.

A sudden moment of darkness crept up, came over her and passed and left only shivers, trembles and the inevitable cold of reality in its wake, throwing her back into a world that was more fucked up than she could ever be.

She let her arms glide down and took in all the air he had fucked out of her lungs with one long breath, her body not even noticing the final few thrusts Alex needed before he pulled out and all but drenched her in a massive load that hit her hips, stomach and as far as her breasts with a satisfying mix of hot and cold, disgusting and sexy and more than all the feeling that she had finally found something to fight boredom.


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