Sometimes life was just unfair. Three days in a row Marc had been so tired that he had fallen asleep before he could lay hand on his dick, and the fourth day had been nothing but a trip to hell. He had known he had to take care of the problem at hand in the shower before work, lest he go crazy at work or die in traffic from a lack of focus.

But then his sister Jessie had burst into the bathroom, telling him it was okay for her to come in more than she was actually asking and putting an early stop to his endeavors. That was just like her, she put up the excuse of having to rush to work just so she got a chance to annoy him. Jessie loved doing stuff like that, just like she could show up in his room while he was watching a movie and force him to communicate when he just wanted a bit of peace and silence.

She had stayed inside for what seemed like hours, forcing him to turn to the wall to hide his boner and putting the shower to cold hoping it was going to go away. It hadn’t really, not with the glimpses he caught on her tits in the mirror. She had the kind of body to put thoughts into every man’s head, slim and even slightly muscular from her job in landscaping. Brown hair that was short enough to be practical and long enough to look feminine and a face that could only be described as cute without any makeup that would only get smeared during the day anyway. She wasn’t like the women he met during work hours, the bitchy drama queens in fancy dresses or god forbid the suit wearing kind that was all stone no smile, work but no play. No, Jessie seemed as if her mind was always working on new weird ideas, never once had Marc thought of her as boring. Annoying, yes, but never boring.

And so he had hardly been able to be angry with her, even though he had certainly suffered during the following eight hours. An unimportant meeting was so much worse with sex on his mind, especially if there was not a single woman in the room who was interested in one of these little office flirts. No, the only one he found remotely interesting was the new chick from sales because she brought a fresh kind of bitchy into the office.

More than just once Marc had considered just jerking off in the bathroom at work, but a combination of morals and intersecting meetings had prevented that from happening. The drive home had been hell but somehow he had avoided an indecent exposure charge, only to learn that their parents had left for a spontaneous night out at the movies and a party after – and that Jessie wasn’t taking no for an answer to her proposal of watching a movie together on the big living room screen.

And so there they were, feet up and backs pressed into the comfy cushions, watching the first Lord of the Rings for the millionth time. At least the movie failed to bore him even though he could almost recite every line by then, but something about the concept of a roadmovie transplanted into a fantasy setting just… worked. It could have even worked for occupying his mind and distracting him from the raging boner in his pants, if it hadn’t been for Jessie to be awfully cuddly that night, snuggled into his arm more than he had it around her.

She had those days, when she just needed attention and an arm around her shoulder, fingers lazily brushing her hair and the feeling of being safe and normally Marc was happy to oblige. Arguably it did him as much good as her to have someone close but not too close, a smile and a hug instead of kissing and sex, warm but not hot. That night though he could hardly enjoy it, or rather he was enjoying it a little too much. Her left boob was pressed against his right side and seemed to burn a hole through the fabric and he had to make a conscious effort to control his fingers to stay on shoulders and hair instead of all the places he wanted to explore as well.

He was of course no stranger to random naughty thoughts about Jessie, but then mostly they were passing thoughts or a guilty wank at worst and now he could hardly think of anything but her. It was not a good situation and he could barely wait for the movie to end so he could go to bed and get those thoughts out of his head. Unfortunately though the movie was far from over, there was a dude dramatically puffing his pipe in the back of a smoky, dark bar and a ring flying through the air. Excuse me officer, it just landed on my finger by accident. I swear I did not mean to enrage a big black tower with an eye on it and cause a nation spanning war, really.

Jessie looked up to him, a wry smile on her lips in the corner of his eyes. So damn kissable lips, it wasn’t even fair anymore.

“You are so tense, what’s wrong?”

“I am? Sorry, hard day.”

“I hear you. Well, try to relax a little.”

Easier said than done, but somehow Marc managed to relax a little, lean back and actually enjoy the peace for the remainder of the movie. Occasionally he slipped and let his fingers glide down Jessie’s neck and instead of complaining she seemed to enjoy it quite a bit, closing her eyes with a slight smile distorting her face. Yet Marc was careful to limit those slips, too close did they come to inappropriate. He was more than happy for what little distance the blanket between them provided, and for hiding the erection that would otherwise probably would have been more than just visible through his comfy sweatpants.

The movie concluded just like it had the last three times and Marc found himself actually unwilling to let Jessie go, too accustomed had he grown to her presence and close proximity. It was weird, with any other woman it would have been clear how the evening would progress, but then so was it with Jessie only that the outcome was unfavorable. Jessie seemed to hold onto the feeling a little longer herself, making no effort to wind her way out of their hug and even resting her head on his shoulder. With the movie gone his thoughts were not distracted any longer and inevitably led in unhealthy directions and so he decided to get up and ready for bed before any mistakes could be made. Slowly he lifted his arm from her shoulder, prompting a disappointed sigh from Jessie.

“Don’t tell me you’re going to bed already.”

“Yeah, I know but I really have to catch up on sleep.” Sleep, yeah.

Before he could get up Jessie turned around and slung her arm around him with her chin coming to rest on his shoulder, forcing him to stay put with that strength women produced when they wanted something.

“Aw come on, I’m not tired yet”, she whispered into his ear and it sounded so damn sexy he had to gulp before he could answer. Of course she had not meant it that way, but he had a hard time coming up with a sibling-appropriate response.

“You were tired through the whole movie you liar.”

“Yeah, but I mean I’m not fall-asleep-tired, you know? Sure you don’t want to watch the second one with me, too?”

No, that he really did not want to. Not only was the second one the most annoying with a possessed king and a punchable advisor, but also the mere thought of suffering through even more hours with his sister pressed against him so warm and close scared him. With a brush through her hair he mentally distanced herself and shook his head.

“No, really I mean it. I have to get some sleep, tomorrow’s an early day for me. Got the first meeting starting at eight, not looking forward to that.”

“Aw man, okay. Do I at least get a goodnight-kiss?”

Damn it, why did she have to do that? It was almost as if she was playing tricks on his mind on purpose. But then Marc smiled, reached for her neck and pressed a quick kiss on her forehead, only to find her lips pressed against his, gone again before surprise could set in but the feeling lingering in his mind.


Jessie grinned at him and let him go. “Gotcha, now go get your sleep you pussy.”

Marc mumbled something, quick to leave the room to order his thoughts and get ready for bed. That had definitely been a little much even by Jessie’s standards, and most dangerously it had felt far too nice to forget about.

With the door closed behind him Marc was finally alone, surrounded only by peace and quiet and it took no more than a minute before he had his dick in his hand, rock hard and sensitive to even the smallest of touches. He began stroking it, slow and steady because he knew he wasn’t going to last long after thinking of little other than sex for a whole day straight and even slow he could already feel the orgasm hiding somewhere in his balls, tugging on its chain waiting to be released.

He heard the door creak just in time to cover himself with the blanket, letting out a sigh once he made out the silhouette in the door frame.

“Can I come in?”

No, for fucks sake, I’m kind of in the middle of something here. God, Jessie could really be annoying if she wanted.

“Uh, sure, come on in.”

Marc had no idea what Jessie could possibly want, but looking at her and feeling the memory of her lips on his made his situation worse, not better. Instead of staying at a safe distance Jessie came closer and closer until her butt pressed down on the mattress, pulling on the blanket and rubbing it over his dick. The look on her face was hard to make out in the dim light breaking through the door but it was certainly cute, as she tended to be.

“I’m sorry I ambushed you like that earlier, I shouldn’t have.”

Marc chuckled, about as insecure as Jessie seemed to be. It was truly a fucked up situation they had gotten themselves into, with no clear way out of it either. Marc reached up to touch her cheek, then resting his hand on her shoulder.

“It’s okay. I mean I’m not complaining, it was nice.”

That provoked a broad grin, then her face came awfully close to his again as she moved down. “Nice enough to do it again?”

Marc gulped, but then his hand already pulled her the final stretch and their lips found each other’s again in a hungry kiss, and unlike the first time they weren’t really leaving again. Through a foggy cloud Marc barely noticed Jessie swinging her leg over him, fully locking him down with her weight. Her crotch was resting right on his dick and there was no way she could miss the hard dick even through the blanket.

“Jessie, we can’t keep doing this.”

It felt so harsh to say that, so opposite to what he actually wanted but someone had to say it. Jessie’s face went back, but he could see in her eyes that she was unlikely to back down. Her fingers brushed along his cheek bones, putting an awkward spell on him that made him unable to move or resist much. It wasn’t good, not at all.

“Are you sure? A kiss never hurt anyone, right?”

He sighed. “No, but what it’s doing to my mind is really not good. You can’t believe how hard I am right now.”

Jessie chuckled and that sent shivers through his spine. She wasn’t taking that notion as the barrier he had intended it to, but more like an invitation to tease him more.

“Really, you have a hard-on for your own sister?”

Now his sigh was more of a groan, she was fucking with his mind so much it wasn’t even funny anymore.

“Yes, and you sitting on my dick doesn’t make it any better, either.”

Her head moved down again, the grin so wide Marc wondered if it would lock in place and never leave her face again. And then her hips moved forward just the slightest bit, grinding over his dick through the blanket.

“Aw, now that you mention it I can feel it. Damn, you weren’t lying. Did I interrupt you or something?”

Marc could barely nod and he was completely helpless against the fingers that ran over his chest, slowly pushing the blanket aside.

“You know, that is pretty cute. I did not know I would make you that horny.”

“Jessie, please. I haven’t come for three days and you came in just when I was in the shower this morning and then…”

“Really? Aw, now I feel a little bad, I didn’t mean to interrupt you.”

Against better knowledge Marc pulled her down, locking his arms around her back.

“Oh yes you did, you wanted to annoy me.”

Her lips teased his cheek with a passing touch before they moved to his ear.

“Okay, guilty as charged.”

Everything about her was too much, from her kisses tasting too good to her body feeling too good in his hands and Marc could not help himself anymore, his hands wandered down her spine and did not stop at her waist line like he had fully intended to. He reached her ass, but instead of either of them stopping he slipped under her pajamas pants and grabbed her cheeks, fingers digging into the skin as hungrily as their kisses were. Realizing what he had done he pulled back and mumbled a sorry, but Jessie grabbed his hands and shoved them right back down.

“Can we stop with the bullshit? You are horny, I am horny and we are all alone and in the same bed together already, maybe we should just accept that and move forward?”

Things were escalating far too quickly, but at the same time it was obvious they were both trying to make it work. But still, the thought of where this was inevitably leading frightened him as much as it turned him on. The next kiss however wiped away his fright, leaving only the horny, hungry and palpable attraction between them behind and with a sigh Marc let himself fall into the pillow, nodding slightly.

“I can’t believe we are doing this.”

The smile was back on her face, her nose bumping against his as they stared into each other’s minds.

“I know, right? But I haven’t wanted anything so bad in, I don’t know, years.”

And that was the last thing Marc had needed, the last notion that they were on the same page and together they struggled the blanket out from between them, fingers eagerly working on getting their clothes off. The feeling of pushing her shirt up to her shoulders and exposing that perfect set of tits was nothing short of divine, her skin pale and smooth and right within reach. The shirt landed somewhere on the floor, aimlessly tossed just like his own and then their pants, naked skin now touching wherever they went, moved or touched.

It was beautiful, the slight goosebumps on her skin, the breathtaking feeling of Jessie’s nipples as he teased them with the tip of his tongue and the hair strands doing their best to get in the way, tickle his nose and forcing his eyes to shut when all he wanted was to see more of his sister.

For how long and hard they had worked to get to this point it took just a mere moment before Jessie guided him into her, wet and hard finding together as if they were made for each other and then he was in her, deep and dark just like his desire for her. They were so close, his feet touching hers just like their lips and everything in between and it all felt so strangely right when it was anything but.

“I’m not going to last”, Marc whispered between two thrusts of their hips and Jessie smiled in return.

“I don’t expect you to.”

Two more thrusts later and in between two heartfelt moans she looked him into the eyes again with a mix of horny, thankful and sincere.

“Whatever you do, don’t pull out. I want you completely, all of you. You hear me?”

Marc nodded, another gulp preventing him from speaking. He could not believe they were doing any of this, that his own sister was not only having sex with him but also asking him to come inside her. It was all just surreal, a crazy end to a crazy day.

“I want you to say it.”

Suddenly Marc realized it was indeed all real, which made it even better than before.

“Okay, as you want. I am going to fuck you until I come, and then I will fill you up with your own brother’s cum and you will beg me to do it again. I won’t pull out until my dick gets hard again and I will fuck you again like you want and deserve for teasing me all day.”

It was working, her eyes visibly became foggy and Marc could feel her shiver in his arms, silently begging him not to stop and telling him to go faster, harder and make her come. All she said was ‘yes’ and it came out more like a sigh then anything else, she was like wax in his hands. He kept thrusting up, pressing her hips down with his left and his right around her neck to steal what little air was still in her lungs with hungry kisses.

He felt as if he could go on like this forever now, already lasting longer than he had expected but it was completely opposite for Jessie who went limp in his arms, snuggling against him as shivers overcame her. Her muscles tightened and her legs shook slightly, twitching even as the orgasm subsided and pushing him closer and closer to the edge with the erratic, infrequent shivers.

Marc grabbed her, holding her tight as he hammered away, thrusting into her with little care for anything but flooding Jessie with his cum, which soon enough came within reach. He felt the orgasm rising up, his body wondering what possibly could get in the way this time and then when nothing came up it was confused, confused enough to make his dick twitch violently as he finally came, his balls hurting as they clenched up and then pumped a stream of cum into Jessie, his own sister and changed everything between them forever.

Just as promised he stayed inside her as their bodies calmed down, but soon they rolled over to their sides and he slipped out even though they stayed locked in each other’s arms, tired and confused. Marc let a finger run over Jessie’s lips and let it run down on her neck to her back, unwilling to let go of her for even a moment.

For a long time they struggled to come up with something to say, but then finally Jessie summarized their mutual feelings perfectly.

“I want more of this.”

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