Of all the things Jenny had imagined about a society crashing before it actually happened what she had expected least was the degree to which she enjoyed it.
She had fought, shot and killed people, stolen food and supplies and now she was sitting in the back of an almost empty supermarket and masturbated because she damn well could, and frankly Jenny wasn’t sure which of those felt best.

The survivor’s guilt she had read so much about was more of a survivor’s pleasure, the pain and grieve where there, but felt more like challenge and motivation to keep going.
And that was what she did, day after day and sometimes even night, the urge to stay up to date on business news long replaced by the urge to stay on top of the competition, more alive and better armed and hidden stashes of supplies giving her the room of movement she needed to survive instead of statistics and numbers giving her the opportunity to stay employed in a job she had never liked to begin with.

She had always tried to figure out what she wanted to do with her life and used the job to save up for it, but she hadn’t been able to find a lifestyle she truly enjoyed. No wonder, given how out of reach the lifestyle of a scavenger in the remains of a war-torn city had sounded even weeks before news reports had turned from celebrity gossip to pictures of tanks rolling in all major cities, then soon nothing at all.

The moment she had first breathed the smoke filled air and had returned home with a backpack full of supplies and the rifle she had found next to a dead soldier she had known she wasn’t going to breath anything else anymore. There were still lots of people craving security and normality, most of them seeking the strength of numbers in empty factory halls in the outskirts where they could farm for their lives and maintain a fragile stability that would never be reality.

But there were many like Jenny who had embraced the danger, lack of luxuries and normality, willing to risk their lives in the treacherous streets that were never safe – least so if they looked safe – in return for first dips on all the great things that had come available to anyone crazy enough to go looking for them.

They weren’t really organized, but had formed alliances and built their own headquarters where they could resupply themselves, each other and the poor normalos before heading back out into the dead city that had once harbored more than criminals, remains of the military that hid their crimes behind the cover of a government having long ceased to exist and wild animals returning to areas they had been kept out of for so long.

Jenny hadn’t had so much fun in stores since she was a little kid and everything looked like either a toy, something sweet or otherwise tasteful and ‘shopping carts’ had been just the term adults used for ‘adventure vehicle’.

She had walked through the surprisingly full shopping mall like through Amazon online back in the day, everything and anything ready to be grabbed and getting it delivered before the payment had been subtracted from her bank account.
For so much goods condensed on such a small area she had expected either heavy resistance from a group settled into the place or finding it completely emptied of everything by people filled with as much panic as greed.
What she had expected least was this complete silence and solitude that was only broken by the barely audible whirring sound of a green vibrator doing its work inside her warm, wet pussy.

Jenny had plans for this thing even after she was done with it personally, it would travel home with her and then find its way into the hands of one of the many sexually frustrated women that were as fed up with farming as the lack of single men, and Jenny relished knowing they were only getting second dips – quite literally – because they were too weak to go out themselves.

It felt good to be on the top of the food chain, and frankly Jenny didn’t understand how anyone could constrain themself to any other lifestyle when it was easier than ever to make a living worth the name these days.

Her body seemed to agree, doing its part to defile the defiler with juices and handling everything it could throw at her with nothing but amused arousal, the vibrations making her sweat with anticipation for the inevitable orgasm that would make her feel stupid, free and powerful at the same time and give her the strength and energy she would need to make her way home unharmed.

She had pushed the vibrator into her pussy a couple of times, but now kept it inside with her closed thighs as well as her jeans that she had barely pulled down to enable her to fight off any threats that might arise without tripping over her pants dangling at her ankles like a moron.

Jenny told herself with a sly grin that she was only down on all fours to be able to take cover, but she knew damn well the truth was that she was able to rock her hips and push the vibrator in and out an inch or two this way, and that she enjoyed this more than any of the guys she had slept with lately.

Jenny’s eyes watched the store’s front entrance, but her body was focused on what happened between her legs, the vibrations and the tip of the vibrator that had the annoying tendency to almost hit the spots she wanted it to touch.

She was getting increasingly annoyed and wished the damn thing came with a suction cup at the end she could attach to one of the flat surfaces around, maybe the metal door to the back rooms or the free standing bookshelf with the ‘literature’ for ten bucks that had always been at least nine bucks too expensive, but she knew her observations of the room where pointless.

Jenny realized she was losing her focus and that made her angry, she could not afford to lose her edge or she would fall prey to the next trap, bandit or simply fall down the defunct escalators with a plastic dick stuck inside her, and she was having none of that.

Jenny knew that among all the dangers waiting for her outside she herself had the greatest potential of putting her into danger, and that she had no choice other than ending this embarrassing endeavour before it got the chance to inflict serious harm.

She also had the chance to inflict serious bodily pleasures on herself, which seemed like the better alternative to simply stopping and leaving her in this annoying state between arousal and anger that would linger in her mind for the remainder of the day and inevitably lead to stupid mistakes.

Her hand went down into her pants and pulled the vibrator out before pushing it back in with more force than her body could handle, forcing her to let out a squeal she had not expected and immediately scolded herself for.
She could not deny it had felt great however, and neither did the second time, or the third.

Before Jenny knew what was happening she found herself on her back, helpless like a tortoise with her left massaging her nipples and her right fucking herself with the vibrator, her pants pushed down to her ankles, making it wishful thinking to pull them up in time to defend herself. Then she noticed she had lost her orientation when she had turned onto her back and had no idea where her rifle had come to lie, and immediately afterwards that she did not really care.

With all due respect for op-sec and common sense what use was a life where a woman couldn’t steal a moment to stick things into herself until she squealed? None, that’s how much, and Jenny was fully intend on make this slip of morals a great slip.

Her feet came to rest on the side of one of the displays used to show off jewelry that would better be hidden than shown off and her hip moved into the air, allowing Jenny to push the vibrator so deep into her pussy that she feared to lose grip and sight of it.

She counted the thrusts it would take to get to an orgasm now, knowing it was the position she could never last long in, but then found herself unable to count fast enough to keep up.

Jenny felt the orgasm building up inside with great force, the air leaving her body faster than she could inhale more, but just when she thought it would put her on the final stretch of a surprisingly long road to orgasm avenue the green bastard suddenly stopped vibrating in the middle of the second to last thrust and filling her with anger as intense as the orgasm she had hoped for.

With a frustrated sigh that was short of a legit yelling Jenny pushed the traitor out and let it fall to the ground before replacing it with her fingers. She rubbed her clit faster than she could remember, sweat and pussy juices preventing her from creating the friction she needed for a few seconds before her fingers finally found the grip her feet lost at the same moment.

Jenny slipped from the display and landed on the ground, the vibrator exacting revenge by painfully digging into her hips, but the sudden surprise was enough to make her lose control and the pain rivaling with the pleasure sent her over the edge, making her roll over to the side in a pointless attempt to escape both.

Still panting and gasping for air, but again able to catch clear thoughts Jenny assessed the situation, which looked neither good nor worthy of herself with her sprawled across the floor in an empty shopping mall with pulled down pants, but at least she found her rifle and backpack almost within arm’s reach.

Feeling more embarrassed with herself than she had in a long time Jenny hurried to get up and pull her pants back up to her hips where they belonged, with the belt closed as it was supposed to and grabbed her stuff. Then she paused for a second to allow herself to turn back into the snarky, cynic version of herself that had been so noticeably absent for the last minutes.

She looked down onto the green vibrator that had managed to catch her by surprise when nothing really could anymore and considered doing gruesome things to it, but then smiled and picked it up.

With her dark brown eyes fixated on it she whispered: „I want to hurt you, but the thought of doing what you just did to me to one of the helpless morons is good enough to let you live.“

Then she put it into her backpack and headed out, grabbing a few spare batteries on her way out which she would sell her unsuspecting victim at an extra price.