The wind, the sand, the smell of salt water and the sound of hungry sea gulls, no matter how many years Mira already lived by the coast she would never get bored of that.

A long walk on the beach seemed so boring, pointless even but Mira was always surprised about the tiny little details, the fun and games the sea liked playing with her. Tiny pebbles looking like faces or animals, patterns some kids had drawn into the sand. Shells and dead fish being washed ashore and signs of adults crossing a bucket list item off their naughty list.

A single hour down by the beach could heal wounds she hadn’t known existed, when her feet hurt from walking through the loose sand or pebbles kept getting stuck in between her bare toes.

And now that a storm was brewing up in the distance Mira had the whole beach for herself, not a single tourist, local or sea monster within sight. Normally one had to wait until deep into the night to find it this empty, but now the fog and rainy mood were her only companions and she breathed them like a lover’s kisses. Felt the tender touch of wind brushing her hair, the salty taste on her lips.

Kept dry by the waxed clothes Mira staked through the sand, wandered along the water line and wondered how many people might have lost their jewelry on this normally so busy stretch of beach. She missed her ex husband a little, or rather the metal detector he had owned and the hours they had spent down here together, a month of rent on a good day and enough for food and a ride back on a bad one. Once more she dwelled on the thought of buying one for herself, but she knew the thought would either roll away with the waves or stop the moment she saw the prices.

And after all money was no concern anymore, not since the house was paid off and all she had to pay for were food and amenities. And with the strain of working gone money seemed to stand back behind the beauty of an interesting pebble, a sea shell broken in a unique way or just the feeling of running her hand through the sand.

Plus, since her husband had moved on to greener pastures with his new wife she was a hundred percent free, in ways she had never dreamed about. No one would be home when she returned, no one to be worried if she just kept walking and certainly no one expecting her patience and attention.

Suddenly the wave of freedom rolled through her mind like a small tsunami, drowning all thoughts in a sea of beautiful emptiness. She was here, more alive than ever and free to do whatever she wanted, which naturally led her mind in naughty directions. What if… yeah, what if? No one could see her, and even if she welcomed judgment.

A moment later she sat down, exhausted from the long walk and her naughty mind alike. The waxed fabric protected her butt from the sand, but that wasn’t exactly cutting it. She had to feel the sand, the cold wet but welcoming feeling against her skin. Her pants came off in a moment, not hindered on the way by the shoes Mira wasn’t wearing – or any kind of moral hesitation for that matter.

Her jacket followed, the pullover hurried to catch up and her naked breasts welcomed the cold, windy freedom that touched her nipples, brushed against her skin and crept into her bones. She needed it all, needed the shivers that overcame her before she had even laid hand on herself and the feeling of coarse, irritating sand on her cheeks.

And then she lost track of time and place as her fingers began running over her stomach, teasing her nipples and belly, thighs and ultimately ended up where she needed them most. Mira went slow, each touch feeling like a lovers embrace after being separated for weeks and as she let her fingers slide into the warmth it felt like a tender kiss on the cheek. A kiss that trailed down to her neck, then her breasts to suck on her nipples, a hard penis searching for the entrance with its tip sliding over her skin before it succeeded.

And then something jolted through her, made her jump and with suddenly wide open eyes she had a chance to take in her surroundings before they faded again, lost to time and the sound of the waves. Someone was with her, a personification of past lovers and long forgotten crushes whispering memories into her ears as he watched her descend into the darkness of pleasure.

Her mind wandered, to the days when she had been at her lowest, the mistakes she still regretted and did her best to forget. The day she had all but ordered the post man to fuck her, naughty and lonely and more than happy to be pressed against a wall even if it meant he would look at her strange every day since. The kiss she had stolen from her best friend Allan when he had least expected it, just a wall away from his girlfriend and the cheekiest of grins on her face as her lips left his. Sleepovers with the chick squad where everyone teased everyone deep into the night, more than one hand silently moving between legs once the lights went out.

And no matter how many years passed in front of her inner eye, no matter how many naughty moments, dicks and slippery jokes she remembered it wasn’t enough. Her mind went further, fantasies running through her thoughts like beer down her throat. Strong and bitter, but irresistible and enticing. Her fingers played the background music to the stories, expertly pushing keys and hitting notes to create a symphony of pleasure, her legs shivering like strings on a guitar. Her heels and elbow dug into the sand, her left hand barely able to reach her breast that needed the touch so desperately.

Her moans disappeared into the winds, waves of pleasure ran over her body and she was a prisoner to her own body, fingers torturing her to give up information she did not possess. She told them everything else, hoping to satisfy them and release her, relief her of the tension but to no avail. Only when the first wave touched her toes did she lose her rhythm, her fingers catching her by surprise and pushing what little air her lungs still held out in a deep sigh of pleasure.

Her throat felt coarse, her whole body exhausted and her first clear thought was that it would be a challenge to walk home with every muscle in her body tired. Then she saw the sea gull, only a few feet away and watching her with that curious gaze they tend to have. A chuckle escaped Mira and she shook her hair back, brushing a strand out of her face.

“You like watching that, you naughty bird?”