März 1, 2019

What a day. What a week, really, but this Friday had been particularly chaotic. Idiots calling Nora for no reason other than to call, morons sending her emails for the sake of appearing busy and colleagues as bored as her coming to her office to complain about life, weather and politics. No end in sight,…

März 1, 2019

The fog lay heavy over the warped forest road, obscuring trees and potholes on the way to the meeting point. It had been ages since Lauren had made the drive out here but she still knew every inch and pebble on the way. Back in the day she’d come up to Peak Point every few…

März 1, 2019

This was the first story I ever wrote, I hope you enjoy it while I get the site up and running! —————————— Life had become both easier and more difficult since the crash as far as Katja was concerned. On one hand food could get a bit scarce and security had undeniably taken a turn…

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