Kyle could appreciate the irony of  his next door neighbour being called Alice and his friends certainly had a field day when they found out as well. From the few times he had seen her she also looked about like one would imagine, lean with nice curves and a nicer smile and the cigarettes wedged between her lips at all times gave her that inexplicaply sexy hint of mystery and adventure.

Unlike the song though Kyle had no plans of wasting 24 years without getting to know her and so when he stumbled into her on the stairs he didn’t hesitate a second to invite her to a coffee.

„Uh, sure. Here, be a gentleman and carry these up and I’ll make us a better one than Louise’s down the street could ever make.“

With a smile he grabbed her grocery bag and followed her up, that was even better than just talking to her in a café.

Her apartment looked quite minimalistic, but not bland with a hint of personality in every corner. There were flower pots in the windows, at least two started books turned upside down on the main table and next to a chair by the window and a few oddities that were bound to have a story to them everywhere his eyes fell.

Standing in the livingroom he noticed he still had the grocery bag and brought it over to the kitchen and without so much as a sentence they spent a few moments sorting everything into fridge and the open shelves that gave the kitchen a chaotic sense of harmony.

When they were done Kyle walked over to the espresso machine he had spotted and was just about to fill it with water when he felt her hand on his arm and looked over.

„Actually, let’s do the coffee later.“

„Uh, okay?“ he asked, confused as to what she was up to and then she added to that confusion tenfold by pulling her shirt over her head in one swift motion.

„I’ve had a super shitty day and I could really use someone to have six with me without any drama, I’ve had enough drama for the rest of the week. Does that sound interesting to you?“

It sure did, but Kyle wasn’t nearly prepared and almost waited a second too long but then luckily nodded just in time.

„Uh, I mean, sure, I…“

„Great! Come on, get me out of these clothes, don’t let a girl do all the work.“

„Right, right.“ was all he came up with, but then he focused on the task at hand and led his hands around her shoulders to open the bra that was still shielding her interesting looking breasts from a closer look.

After a second of fumbling he succeeded and the bra landed on the kitchen floor, but before he could go any further she pulled him closer and pressed her lips on his, a hard kiss of lips that were still strangers to each other but it was the best kiss he could remember regardless. She was fun, that was probably the best way to explain the way he instantly felt comfortable and confident with her.

As she let go of his neck she pulled off his jacket and as soon as his arms were free again he took off his shirt and unbuttoned his jeans while she mirrored that action and a second later they were both struggling their way out of their shoes before they were locked in each other’s arms again, only fully naked this time.

„Here?“ Kyle asked.

„Sounds good to me.“

A mere second later Kyle had Alice flat on the small but solid kitchen table and let his hand run over her naked back while he maneuvered into place to enter her. He thought that she must have had an extraordinarily bad day with how eager she lifted her hips and all but begged him to enter her already with her head tilted to the side, her eyes closed, mouth open and already moaning barely audibly before he had even started.

He wasted no further time and slid into her, slowly at first before he thrust in all the way and was rewarded with a long, relieved sigh.

„God, that’s just what I..:“ she started, but was then cut short when he pushed his dick into her as hard and fast as he could. From then on she was silent, or at least as silent as one could get when every breath turned into a desperate grasp for air and each exhale was forced out so fast it turned into a moan.

She held on to the edges of the table and he held on to her hips, careful to get his fair share of ass-grabbing which there could never be enough of. It was a damn fine ass, skinny bordering on bony but still perfectly grabbable and pale just like the rest of her body. There was little not to love, really only the fact that he could already feel an orgasm build up and knew the fun would come to an end far too soon, but then Y was obviously a step ahead of him.

Her gaze lacked any sense of intelligence and the firm grip she had had on the table earlier was all but gone with all strength gone from her arms. She was even mumbling something and what little he understood was hardly lady-like.

Alice’s moans had started to go silent, replaced with restless inaudible begging to make her come, to not dare stop even a second and to finally erase the memory of a fucked up day. Kyle wasn’t sure if he could keep that pace up long enough to make her come before he couldn’t restrain himself anymore, but then Y fell into shivers and what little air had remained in her lungs so far was forced out, leaving her defenseless against the orgasm waves that rolled through her body.

Now Kyle was so close he hardly found the strength to pull out, but a few more thrusts later and just in time he managed to control himself long enough to leave her hot, wet pussy and bring his dick into the cold harsh reality, a mere second before his whole body tensed up from the middle to feet and fingertips.
A massive first load erupted all over her ass and back, then another and more even, surprising himself as he was not used to coming this hard.

Both slowly coming to their senses a chuckle materialized, quickly turning into a giggle as they put their clothes back on with weak and shaking hands.

„That was just what I needed, thank you. I hope you don’t think bad of me, I don’t always…“

„How could I? I already want to do you again.“

Alice chuckled. „How about we get that coffee first now?“