Sarah would never grow tired of house parties over at Craig’s place. He lived only two floors apart from her, but she would never make it to her apartment before the morning dawned.

They were always the last ones awake, sitting on the balcony sharing one of the few remaining beers and one of the many remaining stories while everyone else was asleep inside.

Sarah sometimes thought that the only reason they even invited other people was to give them a reason not to fuck each other because their relationship was something different.

They came from different areas of life and yet had a deep understanding for the other, listening to problems and being there for one another to get through the harsh times.

Being through all that the thought of sex somehow felt like an easy way out of getting to the bottom of her true emotions instead of a desirable act.

Normally at least, tonight the thought she usually never had kept creeping back into her mind.

And not the ‚I should ask him to sleep with me‘ kind and much rather ‚I should get naked and jump on his dick‘ kind.

Which again was completely unusual for her, she had always shown an astonishing ability to contain her naughtiness until she was back alone in her own apartment. Maybe it was the fact that these were all but her own walls surrounding her by now that kept grinding on her defense.

Them leaning against the wall next to each other with his arm around her didn’t help the slightest bit either, and when she felt Craig pulling her a little closer she let her head rest on his shoulder.

When he spoke Sarah was overcome by a slight shiver that she could not attribute to the nonexistent wind in the calmest of summer nights.

„Is it just me or are we just trying to prove a moot point by now?“

He didn’t have to explain what he meant, not that he could have with their lips suddenly connected and the time for words finally over.

After knowing each other for years they had surprisingly little time and patience to undress each other, the cold concrete floor without a chance to cool her mind as she came to lie on her back.

This was not how she had expected their first night together, mainly because she had not expected any at all.

But it was clear there would be many more, like being unable to stop crying once a shoulder to cry on was found.

With how well they knew each other they circumvented the initial awkwardness of being naked in front of a good friend in seconds, somewhere between his third and fourth purposeful thrust and the concerned look in his face made place for a caring smile that healed the mental scars life had left on her over the years in an instant.

She spent what felt like an eternity in that normally so short state of being close to an orgasm but not quite there yet, Craig’s thrusts pushing her closer and then pushing the edge a little further each time. It wasn’t until a light wind caressed her sensitive nipples that the edge started to come in sight, inching closer and closer until it was suddenly there, the stream of cum flowing into her washing her over and throwing her into the darkness that waited there.

For a while they were as unable as unwilling to let go of each other and when they finally let go it was only long enough to slip back into their clothes before they found each other back leaned against the wall as if nothing had happened.

But they were both aware that everything had happened.