Robert and Lena had happily coexisted in the small dorm room they shared for more than a year now, which led to a mix of surprise and confusion when Robert was awaked to the touch of her lips gliding over his already erect dick.

As soon as he had dismissed the possibility of a strange dream he leaned back and let out a sigh.

„How have I earned this?“

For a second she let go of his dick to speak.

„It’s your birthday, stupid. You didn’t forget, did you?“

Robert couldn’t help but laugh, still confused. He was pretty sure he was still a good two weeks away from turning a year older, but he wasn’t sure if he should correct her.

„Eh, whatever“, he thought aloud and Lena started giggling as much as her tongue circling around the tip of his cock allowed. She knew exactly.

His eyes were starting to adapt to the light of the early day now, and he found little reason to complain at the sight of Lena’s naked body. He had seen her once or twice after she had come from the showers down the hall, but not like this.

She looked good, great in fact. He had never been much into the flashy kind with every part not covered in jewelry covered in makeup. And Lena had never been either of those, which made it all the more surprising he had never seen her as attractive as she really was.

She was the perfect mix of cute smile, firm breasts and slim, almost muscular build.

And she was something he wanted more of. Reaching down to her arms he pulled her up, kissing her lips without minding they had been on his dick just seconds before. For a minute they did nothing other than share breaths and try not to get lost in the other’s eyes, then Robert’s dick was announcing a lack of attention that needed to be taken care of.

He wanted to reach down, but Lena grabbed his arms and locked them in position above his head. With a bit of struggle they managed to get his dick into her wet pussy without any handwork, but with a lot of mutual understanding for each other’s needs.

Not that they were all that hard to figure out, it was clear that Lena had not been completely altruistic in her early birthday present judging by how purposefully and fast she bounced up and down on him.

Robert wiggled one hand free and used it to press her waist against his, bringing her whole body as close to his as possible before they fell in a wordless frenzy of fucking, moaning and dumb smiling.

He realized he had no idea if he could come inside her or not and chose not to. Which would be hard in his position, making him assume control and turn her around on her back.

She lifted her hips up to take him in deeper and he drew on the blanket until it propped her up in that position. That was the last thing he did with her well-being in mind before he started mercilessly pounding her pussy until she came with surprised squeals and finger nails digging into his back. He was close himself, so close that he didn’t seem able to pull out anymore.

With some kind of super-human level of self-control he managed, just in time before he would have filled her up completely with his semen. Instead it was wildly shooting across her belly, spreading as far as her tits while his dick was unleashed from its bounds.

They looked at each other without words for a while, then Robert rolled over to the side and found himself resting his head on her outstretched arm, her hand playing with his chest hair.

„That was a fricking nice early birthday present.“

„I think we should repeat this a couple of times lest we forget.“