Whenever Jasmine thought she could only sink so low life had a tendency to prove her wrong.

Craig had done a great job fucking her so well she was now sufficiently distracted from life and its problems.

„Thank you, I really needed that one.“

„You look much better than this morning.“

Mentioning the morning brought back memories, but they seemed a lot less grim than they had then. No break-up with her boyfriend of two years, no hour-long wait on the train because some annoying tree had decided to fall onto the tracks and no ruined shirt because the coffeeshop guy had hit her morning coffee mug while trying to grab her cash could really get to her anymore.

Another problem arose though. „Do you think I’m a slut? Tell me the truth.“

„No, no I really don’t. I guess it’s fast, yes, but I’ll be damned if you deserved any of that shit that happened to you today.“

Jasmine leaned against the couch’s backrest and let out a sigh while staring at the ceiling. „That is so nice of you to say, just like all the other nice  things you’ve done to me today. I have no fucking idea what I’m supposed to do now, not at all.“

There she was, fucked beyond exhaustion inside a wonderfully cozy cabin by the lake she had always dreamed of. Which brought her mind back to who owned this one, the man who was her boss from Monday to Friday and would have been on any other Thursday of the month and year. She had only faint memories of what had happened between her answering his question about how the last day had been truthfully and him all but carrying her into his car to drive out here.

Sex hadn’t even been a question by the time they had arrived, they hadn’t even made it to the door and the front porch had been the place she had received her first orgasm of the day.

She looked over to him, trying to figure out how truthfully he had spoken. Was she just an easily exploitable sex toy for him? A slut for the weekend? Likely yes, but something about the look in his eyes made her believe different.

„We are going to stay here for the next three days. If you don’t come out of here relaxed something is wrong, so please forget everything that might or might not be going on outside of here.“