Steven had known Curt for over a decade now. When Steven was still a taxi driver and Curt a hopeful entrepreneur who couldn’t afford his own car yet, just as today when he was his designated driver and Curt led several multi-million dollar companies. Steven had known Curt for over a decade now. When Steven was still a taxi driver and Curt a hopeful entrepreneur who couldn’t afford his own car yet, just as today when he was his designated driver and Curt led several multi-million dollar companies.

Personally he would never grow to love this world of the rich they lived in, but he could enjoy it from the sideline. He had to admit that Curt was absolutely made for his role, the chrome and glass, surprising considering they had both grown up in the least wealthy part of town.

Steven loved driving and the fact he got paid to do so was all he really needed. The late night drives along empty streets with a powerful Mercedes and the astonishing amount of respect he experienced wherever they went were added bonus, but frankly it had all been a game of diminishing returns since the initial step up from a taxi to the black battered company car back in the day.

Not that Steven would complain – he loved his job with every fibre – but often he couldn’t help but think he would have long stopped working so hard in Curt’s position, used the city villa and the remote cabin to retire and enjoy the money.

Not Curt though, he lived this life and breathed the air like other people the air of a day off, this was his realm they were looking down on now.
They stood in the supervisor room above the assembly lines, one long one-sided mirror away from a deadly fall. Curt turned his tumbler around with his arms resting on the railing that was built more for this purpose and less to prevent any accidents and watched the swirling drink as much as the buzzing life below them.

„Remember when we first set foot in this factory?“

Steven nodded but said nothing, he remembered it as little more than the third time Curt had been in way over his head and then somehow managed to stay afloat.

„I had basically nothing anymore, everything invested into this new revenue stream that didn’t look like one then. Fun times.“

„Yeah, I always wondered what had gotten into you.“

„I was hungry, Steven. I’m starting to lose that, I wouldn’t do the same today.“

Oh, so he had a somewhat low day. Happens to the best.

„I think you are the only one who thinks that, I’m pretty sure they still call you Crazy Curt when no one listens.“

Curt smiled wrily, he was quite proud of that nick name and Steven had known mentioning it would cheer him up a bit.

„Maybe you are right, but it seems like we are running in circles these days, the typical rebellion problem. One day you are the young, righteous and hungry warrior fighting for your own place in the world, then you wake up and you have become the government you overturned.“

„Is that why you called me? Need someone to throw bricks into windows with you?“

Curt grinned. „Excuse an old man his nostalgia.“

„You are 45.“

„Yeah, almost fifteen more than you, so don’t try to be a smartass youngling.“

„Hah, when I hear you talk like that you do sound like an old man.“

„Thanks for confirming my  fears. But no, that’s not what I called you for.“

„Oh god, finally he gets to the point.“

„You are doing it again, that smart-assing. I need you to pick Jana up from that friend of hers.“


„Yeah, that’s the one.“

„I wasn’t aware she was gone.“

„Yeah, it’s almost time to return to university and she went to visit Becky for a few days.“

„Okay, when?“

„If you don’t have anything private keeping you from it right now.“

„Oh. No, I don’t have anything, but why the sudden decision if you don’t mind me asking?“

Curt grinned again.

„Not at all, I think they had a small case of clashing worlds if I understood her tone correctly.“

„I see. So, her parents’ place?“

„No, actually they are at her parents’ lake house, or rather were. She’s staying at a hotel.“

„That bad, huh?“

„Seems so, I’m just glad she didn’t check into a campground or sleep with some stranger from a bar. You know the lake house?“

Steven thought for a second, then nodded.

„I drove you there once, the address should be saved in the SatNav. Now I see why you called me, that’s a fair bit further out than the main place.“

That was a fucking nice way to say ‘through all of Germany and deep into Switzerland to a fucking remote cabin in the middle of nowhere’.
Rich guys and their stupid international jetsetting, couldn’t they have met somewhere nearer, like the city they both grew up in?

„Yes, you won’t get there before morning. Look, I don’t want you to overwork yourself, just get to her and then stay for a day before you drive back.“

The outlook of an eight hour drive right after taking an eight hour drive wasn’t all too appealing, but then neither was the thought of having Curt’s daughter waiting for him to wake up.

„I’ll be good, I guess she’ll be bored long before I even get there.“

„No, I mean it. It’s a long drive and you will need to rest. There’s no rush on the way back, just get there before she gets crazy ideas of exploring the nightlife or something. Show her around the city if she wants, better get that out of her system while someone is there to watch out for her.”

It didn’t happen often that Steven got to play the bodyguard, mostly because Jana  snapped at the mention of needing one most of the time.
„Okay, I’ll try my best. So you think she’s just bored?“

„Bored and dangerously adventurous ever since she turned eighteen two years ago. That’s what happens when they grow up so protected, they want to break out, be adventurous. Most of the time nothing really happens, but then sometimes they run into real trouble. You know what I mean?“

„Sure, we weren’t any different.“

„No, we learned to take calculated risks from a young age. I’m afraid she only knows two extremes with no grey areas in between.“

„I’m not sure you are giving her enough credit, but I’ll keep an eye on her and make sure she gets home safe.“

„Thank you. Protection or damage control.“

„My two middle names.“


An eight hour drive is a lot even for someone who loves driving, but then again an eight hour drive in a 400 horsepower Mercedes is easily a twelve hour drive for anyone without one. Everytime Steven had to take long-distance drives he was thankful for European roads, and the German Autobahn network in particular. Whenever they had to go to the United States Steven felt like time slowed down, but here the roads where there to actually be used.

It didn’t take Steven long to get from the underground parking garage to the Autobahn, inner city traffic was nice to him for once. Given that it was a Thursday the A7 was almost empty and before long he got to enjoy the wide open road with the nice ‘Tempolimit Ende’ sign telling him he was free to drive as fast as he could. Which was pretty damn fast, even in a country where most people are used to fast driving there is a noticeable gap between those who could and those who were able to.

Propelled forward by horsepower and desire to cover as much distance as possible before getting tired made him zoom past slower fast cars, never once getting out of the left lane for the first two hundred kilometers, then he had to get into the middle lane to pass a lane hogger and then shortly after the three hundred kilometer mark he had to pull over for fuel, a bathroom break and an extremely healthy snack that he ate up while slowly wandering around the place and enjoying the fascinating scenery of concrete, sound blocking walls and trees.

The next hundred kilometers were annoying, mostly because they shouldn’t have been. Straight road, no construction going on and most of the time no speed limit. Which made it so annoying how everyone insisted on driving eighty kph in the right and spectacularly inconsistent 100 in the left lane, making anything more than 120 hard even with lanesplitting. X kept wondering what was going on, there was no accident to watch in the other direction, no trucks engaging in a snail’s race and not even the astonishingly contraproductive ‘Achtung Stau’ signs that normally caused exactly the traffic jams they were supposed to warn of.

Just when Steven was about to go crazy the road cleared up again as quickly as it had become crowded and for the next kilometers everyone with more horsepower than a horse was fighting for second place in his rear mirror.

However Steven noticed he had become more tired than he liked and would probably soon have to pull over for another stop. A hundred kilometers later and with more than half of the way behind him he finally did pull over at a small restaurant, but only for the five minutes it took to grab something to drink and then he was back on the road, ready to take on the final stretch that he planned to cover in one long stage.

He decided it couldn’t hurt to call Jana and make sure she was still at the hotel so he used the voice control feature to call her. Slightly amazed it had worked on the first try he listened to three beeps before Jana picked up.

„Hey Steven.“

„Hi Jana, just calling to tell you I’m on my way, maybe three more hours if I get through the border without any holdup.“

„Great, I can’t wait to get out of here.“

„Want to tell me what’s up?“

„Once you get here?“

„And here I was hoping you’d tell me a story so this empty road doesn’t suck all the life out of me.“

„Aw, it’s so sweet of you to take that sacrifice upon you.“

„Nothing but a pleasure M’lady.“ It had long been a joke between them to play the loyal servant and high-born lady roles every now and then.

Luckily she was far from the arrogance so many who grew up like her fell prey to.
Her voice sobered up. „Did he make you drive out here at a moment’s notice just to pick me up?“

„That’s my job.“

„Yeah, but I mean I could have taken a flight home and you’d picked me up from the airport.“

„I guess so, but I think your dad would prefer it if you didn’t get raped and murdered and maybe worse on your way to the airport, I think he’s still trying to figure out how you made your way to the hotel unharmed.“

„Typical, thinks he needs to control anything and everything.“

„I’m sure he is just afraid.“

„Yeah, afraid of losing control. What did he say?“

„Told me to keep you out of trouble.“

„Yeah, fat chance of that happening.“

„That’s what I told him, but he seemed convinced that I am a wizard or something.“

„Sure look like one with that hat and the beard that touches the ground.“

„I’m a different man now. Seriously though, make my life easier and don’t move out of that hotel room until I get there, okay?“

„Okay, I’ll just sleep for a while if I can. Room 342, name’s Carla Carbionni.“

„Seriously, you signed up under a false name?“

„Yeah, the guy at the counter was really annoying and I was in the mood to cause some drama. He didn’t bite though and waved me through without even asking for my ID.“

„Totally crazy, it’s what I keep saying.“

„Yeah, better don’t keep me waiting or I might snap completely.“

„Pedal’s floored.“

The border was hardly worth its name these days, in fact it could easily be missed at night. In the bright light of the afternoon he could see that the border guards who might be there every now and then weren’t today and so he kept driving through, unbothered just like on the short rest of his journey that led him through Switzerland which he had never cared much for and did even less today.

To him it was rich guy territory, a whole country built on high class tourism, chocolate and anonymous bank safes. And here he was, driving through with no intention to stop despite being so tired. He had grown up in a time without SatNavs and still had vivid memories of how much his parents had struggled when they got close to their destinations, but mindlessly following the robot voice he was rolling up on the hotel without ever glancing at a Swiss road sign once.

He had a much easier time dealing with the hotel staff, maybe it was servants uniting against a common enemy or something. Before long he was parked in the underground garage and led up by a teenager within minutes of his arrival, the clerk called room 342 and he was cleared to go up.

The door was already open and Jana hanging out as Steven exited the elevator, then found himself in an unexpected and slightly awkward embrace as the door closed.

„Easy there Janny.“

„Sorry, it just feels so great to see a familiar face. Everything alright on your way here?“

„Yeah, nothing spectacular at all, not even a dead deer at the roadside.“

„Damn, how boring. So what’s the deal, dad called and said to stay here for a day so you can recover.“

„He told me the same, but if you want I can get you out of this horrible country and find us a new hotel.“

„I would actually like that very much, I never liked it here and even less right now.“

„That sounds like a dramatic story of suspense is about to be told.“

„I wish, the truth is Becky and I basically split as the enemies we should have always been, but over nothing really.“

„So chances are you are going to come clean with each other?“

„Oh hell no, she proved to be a stupid bitch for good and I was fed up with dealing with her bullshit all the time, if I’m honest I never liked her. But what am I supposed to do, aren’t many people my age around and she used to be the lesser evil compared to most others. Argh, whatever, let’s get going. I need thirty minutes or so to pack up so if you want to lie down for a second and relax be my guest in this luxurious prison.“

Steven did feel tired and he knew he would need to be concentrated on his way back so he nodded and lay down on the couch, all but dozing off as he listened to the noise of Jana packing her suitcase.

„So how’s university?“

„Going well, if I get to convince my dad I might get to help out at a digsite in Greece at the end of summer.“

Steven realized he had no real idea what she was studying, apparently something archaeologic but then it might just be a side course and she was really studying the anatomy of trees in Cambodia to find the holy grail. Who could keep up with that stuff.


He woke up from a hand on his shoulder and was immediately fully awake.

“You sure you want to drive?”

He nodded and got up. “Yeah, that was refreshing. How long was I out?”

“Just an hour, took me almost all the time to pack everything up.”

Looking around the place Steven identified that as a lie, not even the most chaotic girls could need an hour to pack a small suitcase and Jana had always been refreshingly efficient so she had probably let him rest for an hour.

He offered to take the suitcase and they went into the elevator where Jana pressed the button to the parking garage.

“Don’t you need to check out or something?”

“Well, I say we cause some bureaucratic drama for those assholes, that okay with you?”

“I’ll drive the getaway car.”

“Good, then let’s get out of here.”

Minutes later they were sitting in their seats and Steven steered the car out of the garage, exchanging a friendly wave with the guard. They were eating miles and quickly crossed the border while Steven tried his best to catch up on her life.

“Excuse that I don’t already know that, but what exactly is it that you study that could lead you to Greece?”

“That’s a semester of Archaeology, but apart from that it’s all boring stuff, Economics because dad thinks I need to know how to lead a company. As if.”

“I wouldn’t want to, either. I’m happy driving a car around.”

“Yeah, it’s certainly not my plan for sure. Don’t tell him I said that though.”

“My lips are sealed. What is your plan then?”

“Making a plan maybe? I honestly have no idea. I mean right now I would love to travel to the digsite in Greece if I can convince dad to let me go, but I’m not sure if that’s something I want to do my whole life.”

“Yeah, hard to say before experiencing it first-hand.”

“Exactly. Know what I would like to experience first-hand though?”


“Sex at the side of the road at night. Any chance you could help me out with that?”

Steven gulped and focused on the road in front of him, that conversation had just taken a turn he had not expected. After an awkward second he finally found a good answer.

„My orders are pretty clear, keep you out of trouble and not get you into it.“

„Hm, and if you don’t manage to do that?“

„Damage control.“

„Ah, see? There’s your loophole. What do you say, let’s assume I were so horny I’d jump on any stranger I randomly come across at our next stop?“

It was easy to follow her train of thought, but Steven wasn’t having it – yet, he had to admit. It was getting harder to resist by the minute.

„I’d say we drive the whole rest of the way without a stop then.“

„Aw, you are such a killjoy.“

„Interested in a continued employment, not that you would know anything about that.“ Good, get a bit insulting and maybe even anger her, he would be able to cope with a pouting Jana much better than the horny one.

„Oh, so if money wasn’t a question you’d be balls deep in my pussy by now?“

God damn it, hearing her talk like that with that equally innocent and adventurous smile would drive him crazy if she kept on with it.

„You know damn well I probably wouldn’t even talk to you if I didn’t work for your dad.“

„Hmm, avoiding a straight answer, how typical.“

„If living amongst you rich snobs taught me anything then that.“

„Mh, keep talking like that, that’s almost as good as grabbing my hair and calling me a slut.“

That made Steven gulp again, this damned chick was good.

„Ever had that happen to you?“

„Promise not to tell my dad?“


„Good. No I haven’t. Soo, if you want to step in and teach me a lesson, be my guest.“

Steven groaned, she was fucking with his mind as much as he wanted to fuck her by now.

„You clever cunt.“

„Hmm, that’s a start. Pull my hair now?“

„Not a chance.“

„Damn, I give up, you are hard to convince.“

Damn it. „Good idea, better for everyone.“

„Not for me. So if you won’t bend me over I guess you don’t mind if I touch myself a little?“

Steven glanced over and saw she was indeed opening her belt, looking him straight in the eyes.

„Would you kindly not?“

He managed to bring that out with a tone that seemed to say ‘seriously slut? Show some class’, but Jana didn’t seem to mind.

She wiggled her pants down a little bit and leaned against the door to give him a better view as she moved her fingers over her panties, circling around her pussy whenever he glanced over. And he glanced often, it was increasingly hard to focus on the road. Actually two hundred and fifty kph didn’t seem to be a safe speed anymore, they were only one mindless driver away from dying a horrible death.
He checked his mirror and pulled into the middle lane when he found it empty, then into the right.

„I can’t concentrate on driving.“

When he looked over again his eyes met Jana’s and found nothing of the triumph he had expected in them, more a kind of relief that made him hate himself for not caving in earlier. She wasn’t just trying some mean kind of game like her friends would. This chick was the real deal, lonely in a world that knew no love.

He let the car roll to a stop, switched the engine off and got out, then walked around the car and opened the door.

„May I ask you to step out of the car for a second?“

She looked at him, a little more cheekiness than loneliness in her eyes now.

„You ask too nicely.“

He sighed, then bowed down into the car, bringing his lips to her ear.

„Get out of the fucking car you slut, right now.“

He had hardly finished his sentence before she had slung her arms around his neck and he backed out, pulling her with him.

A bit of fog had begun to materialize at the roadside where no cars could distort it, now withering away as he carried her to the front, catching the light the headlights threw into the twilight.

Steven turned her around so that she came to lie on the hood, face first and then with her pants down at her ankles a moment later. While he opened his belt with his left hand he used his rights to feel up her pussy, finding it wet and her hips pushing back in hopes to bring his fingers into her.
He spread his fingers and let them run along the left and right of her tight pussy lips, then led them up again.

„Fuck me!“ Jana brought out, and without a further tease he granted her the wish and let his fingers glide in, but just twice before he had managed to open and pull his pants down, then he let his hard cock take the place of his fingers.

Normally he always took his time with the first thrust and made it as slow as possible for the maximum effect, but now he was deep inside her before he even noticed it. He didn’t recall her reaction either, so in a clear moment he bent down to check on her, but he didn’t need to ask. Her smile said everything, and her eyes the rest. „You fucking slut, you like that don’t you?“


He grabbed Jana by the throat and brought her up so that she had nothing to hold on to, just his hand and his dick keeping her upright. Her hair was all over the place already, and her hand only brought it further out of order.

„God that is so good.“

Steven wanted to answer something, but then couldn’t think of anything and instead slammed his cock into her even harder, resulting in a sharp exhale and her hand moving to his neck to seek for grip.

He could feel her coming, and not this ‘oh yeah I’m coming’ porn star orgasm. This was the shiver inducing kind of orgasm that would wipe her memory clean of thoughts for a second and leave her feeling like the worst slut and queen of queens at the same time.

Jana went limp in his arms, then stiffened up with all air being pressed out of her lungs in one long satisfied and yet disappointed moan, unable to accept it was over.

Steven let her down on onto the hood, then pulled out and turned her on her back, only one second and one stroke with his hand away from coming himself. He held her still while he splattered her shirt and covered that weird band logo in sticky cum.

When they came to their senses there was nothing left to say, only the fog moving after he had sat down on the hood next to Jana.
For a small eternity they simply sat there, then Jana got up from her elbows she had rested her weight on, up to his ear and whispered: „Thank you, no one has ever done that for me.“

Then she took off her shirt, showing him her perfectly sized tits for the first time and a brief second before she had turned the shirt inside out and put it back on, hiding all visible traces of what they had just done.

Without another word they got dressed and back into the car. Steven started the engine and after checking the mirror twice steered them back onto the open road, leaving the least memorable of scenes behind with one of the most intense memories saved in their minds, inaccessible for anyone but the two of them.


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