A night by the lake

Few things are as beautiful as a late night swim in a forest lake, when the moonlight is all to navigate by and the ground is treacherous as you walk over roots first, then pebbles and ultimately start swimming because your feet lose contact. That silence, the cold water around you and the fear of swimming out too far, they are all so surreal that it makes you wonder if you’re dreaming. Add a naked women some twenty feet ahead of you to the mix and you definitely know it’s not real, that you aren’t considering to just drop your pants and join her after you found your secret spot already occupied.

That night though it was just what had happened, we were on a camping trip the university’s biology arm had organized just because they felt like it. Maybe some ‘getting to know nature’ thrown in to argue for funding, but it was really just a free for all camping trip and I certainly had nothing to do with biology. Neither had professor Lyndon, she led my English literature class if she wasn’t jumping on the chance to go for a late night swim dressed much less adequately than I normally knew her.

Now the sensible thing would have been to just walk back as I had come, forget what I had seen and maybe have that one wank in my tent thinking of my professor before going back to normal. The asshole thing to do would have been to hide behind a tree and watch her, but under no condition was it reasonable to strip down myself and dip my toes into the cold, dark water.

It felt good though, extraordinarily good and I wasn’t too keen on missing the experience, after all I had walked through the darkness for at least five minutes or half an eternity in layman’s terms. For the first few steps the professor didn’t see me, dabbling along with her eyes closed and her tits reflecting the moonlight. They were damn fine tits, pale in the dim light and firm with nipples hard from the cold. Could have stared at them for a long time, but then she opened her eyes as my feet made a bit of noise as I slipped slightly on the pebbles below me. I felt like cursing, I could have just stood still and watch a little longer but then she would have probably opened her eyes to the sight of my rock hard dick. No , it was better to feel it shrivel away under the cold and it was probably best that you can’t see someone blush when you can hardly make out their face.

I expected a lot of things from her, but not that relaxed smile to remain on her lips. There she was, tits out in the open with a million reasons to react shocked or angry. But nah, she looked at me and even let her arms wave back to stay afloat, watching me as much as I watched her. Had a bit of that high noon appeal, one of us had to draw first. I decided – no, it was decided for me really – to let the rest of my body sink into the water, after all there was no reason we couldn’t both swim there, right?

Only then did it occur to me that we had not spoken a single word, an enchanted silence looming over us as I swam the first few feet into the water. She still swam backwards, something I’ve never really managed. I have to see where I’m going or go paranoid, but not her. I’m not sure why I even followed her, but something about her eyes dragged me with her. I think it was the complete absence of that rejection you normally get from women, even if they like you it always feels like you are invading their privacy. Not so her, and like a siren she had me hexed just with her silence instead of songs of allure.

We swam out further and further and part of me wondered if that was a sensible thing to do when no one had an idea we were out there. But then I saw the faint silhouettes of trees and remembered that there was a little island in the middle of that lake as they exist surprisingly often. I never quite wondered about how they are created until that night, nor did I ever bother to look it up after. What mattered was that it offered some safety and that we were headed there. Now finally she turned around and I was gifted with the sight of her shoulders, a little bony and pale and somehow the most beautiful thing I had seen in months. I wanted to touch them, get a moan out of her as I dug my fingers into her neck and somehow I had the feeling that was exactly where things were headed.

Her feet found ground first and a second later she was wading out of the water, her full backside aimed at me and as she turned around with an even more inviting smile on her lips I felt strangely insecure for the first time since I had moved into the water. It did not last long though before my mind caught up to my dick who begged to get out of the cold so he could get hard. I obliged and followed the professor ashore, the first man to set wood on these beautiful lands in ages.

The rocky, slippery bank was a nightmare to climb up but a dream to walk on, you just knew no one had been there to trash the place and there was even moss to cushion our footsteps. If you have ever walked on moss bare footed you know the feeling, it’s like a good night kiss or a best friend’s hug to your soles.

Our journey came to a halt only a few feet in as we reached a barrier of bushes no one had slashed a path through yet. But then we were exactly where we wanted to be and as I sat down next to her I instinctively put my arm around her shoulder, enjoying the feel of goosebumps on her skin and the silence around us.

We looked at each other for the shortest moment before her finger pressed down on my lip, only to be replaced by the tender touch of her own lips a second later. I felt her unspoken words, it was not just a plea to keep the silence intact but also her way of saying that tonight would never be spoken of.

Which seemed like a good idea, there were things on my mind that probably best stayed unmentioned, even if I was about to put them to action. It is weird how much undressing you can still do when both are naked, there were contours to follow and a body to explore and knowing it would probably be the first and last time made her even more desirable. A good wine, bottled decades ago and standing on your shelf for years until you finally find a reason to open it, cherish the experience and taste the last of a dying breed.

And it was an exquisite taste, stirred together with drops of dark, strong water like tears running down your face and healing the wounds that caused them to flow.

I was back to her lips the moment I left them, my mind catching glimpses of the past in between. Her nipples that felt weirdly soft and hard at the same time, her neck with every muscle tensioned until my teeth nibbled the tension away. The warmth that suddenly engulfed my fingers as they dove into her barely noticing the time they had spent on her thighs.

Her body was confusing to me, harder and more muscular than expected but at the same time it had some give to it and flexed in ways I couldn’t quite grasp. Her breath told me what she needed, where she needed me and then as her fingers pushed me to my back and her thighs touched mine I did not need much guidance to glide into her. There is always something weird about sex when you are wet from water, it’s slower, more intense and sensual in ways that are hard to explain. Normally I would have felt the urge to turn her around, plunge into her as deep and hard as I could but not then, not when the slight movements of her hips felt so much deeper and harder.

I leaned back and pulled her with me, our half movements meeting halfway to generate full thrusts as pebbles and roots dug into my back. Her eyes, the short breaths told me all I needed to know and her hanging hair grazed my face like an extra hand of fingers.

Sometime we came but honestly I have no memory of it because for once the sex wasn’t just a means to an end and her embrace felt ten times better than my dick filling her up with a bit of cum.

We spent a long time in that embrace, smiling and getting lost in each other’s eyes until my dick hardened up and her hips started moving again, even slower this time because neither wanted it to end. I only came when a shimmer of daylight appeared over the trees and the the sudden influx of reality made me lose my well-maintained balance.

She got off from me, her movements slightly stiff and for a moment I caught a glimpse of my cum running down her thigh, then she sat down next to me and for a few more invaluable minutes we watched the sunrise until it became obvious we had to head back. Over this whole time we did not speak a single word and neither did we on our way back, swimming back with exhausted muscles and slow movements. It was still dark enough to sneak back into camp, dark enough to make finding our clothes a struggle and arriving at separate times easy enough.

Sinking back into my air mattress I felt every bone and muscle in my body and I fell asleep before I could even think of getting out of my clothes. Seemingly five minutes later I was woken up by a grinning professor Lyndon sticking her head into my tent and her friendly voice nagging me that I looked as if I had stayed up all night.


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